Diari’s Dream Bedroom Reveal (Finally!)



Diari’s Bedroom was My Childhood Dream

I’m excited to finally share that Diari’s bedroom is complete and it looks like my childhood dream bedroom! I remember growing up, I had a friend whose parent’s were really wealthy. She was such a sweet person so she always made us feel welcome. Every time we would go to her house, I just remember admiring all of her beautiful decorations. Her bedroom looked like a wonderland to me and we always had so much fun there.

When we bought our home, I promised I would take my time on each space and I did with the loft, the nursery, and the dining room, but especially Diari’s room. I wanted her to have the bedroom I always wanted. So I imagined soft pinks, fun activities, and unique corners with places to sit and play and create. Over time, we got just that.

Dream bedroom

Decorating Diari’s Bedroom

The fun in decorating Diari’s bedroom was surprising her but also letting her choose certain aspects for herself. When I found pieces I thought she would love, like the tent bed and the activity table, I would add them to her room and wait until she got home to watch her reaction. Other pieces, like her artwork and the toys around the bedroom, I had fun walking around with her in the store and letting her choose the things that caught her eye.

I wanted to make sure Diari’s bedroom was somewhere she wanted to be. She has an art space where she can sit and create, whether to draw or paint. The table has built in cupholders so that she can put her crayons there and use them whenever she wants. A bookshelf was essential to the bedroom too. I wanted her to love books as much as I did when I was a kid and take pride in them. Every night, she’s so excited to pick out books for us to read at bedtime. The wall chalkboard allows her to stand and scribble away. We practice her ABCs in a way that’s fun and interactive. And I’m sure she’s always wanted to write on the wall so this is her only chance!


The Final Product

Whenever someone comes to our house, Diari is always excited to show them her bedroom. She walks them upstairs and through the whole room, showing them all of her decorations and toys. This is what I dream of as a parent now for my kids. Seeing her joy about her bedroom is all the reward in the world.

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