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Our Room & Board Dining Room Reveal!


Room & Board Dining

Who’s Coming to Dinner?

When you think of places to buy furniture for your home, which ones come to mind? One place you might not know about that you should add to your list is Room & Board. If you read my home inspo, sofa or nursery blog posts, you know that I when I bought my house, I decided to furnish each room one-by-one so I could make sure they were all unique. After the loft, Fatima’s room, and Diari’s room, I decided to take on the dining room.

When I thought of my ideal dining room, I knew I needed something durable. Something that would last through the family get-togethers, the weekly summer barbecues, the Thanksgiving dinners, and every memory in between. One thing everyone should know about me is that I love to cook and I love to host! Ever since I was a teenager, I have been cooking huge meals for friends and family to enjoy, and I want to be able to keep doing that now.

Dining room reveal

Ordering Pieces from Room & Board

Room & Board has locations in Chicago, NY, Atlanta and several other cities around the US. More than 90% of their items are made locally in the U.S. They offer free design services and a full delivery service. I took advantage of the online ordering option. Not only did I get to choose each item for my space, but I also got to customize some of them. I’ll share details on which pieces I customized below.

Room & Board Dining
Dining room deisgn
Dining Room Inspo

The items arrived with two crew members and they put the entire space together for me. All I had to do was decorate. Once I had the big pieces, putting the final touches on was fun and easy. I put together the table settings, I added some family photos, and I got plants to complete the space. The curtains are my favorite touch. They’re nine-feet long, which I think helps make the room look bigger. Diari knows she’s not allowed in this space for fun, but of course, she’s already trying me! That’s why I appreciate the durability of these pieces. The reality is, I’ll be raising “kids” for the next few years and I need furniture that is cut out for it.

Dining Room Reveal

My Items

Cora Custom Chair [Fabric: Sym Ink]

These chairs are so comfortable. I like how wide and cushioned they are. They fill the table space perfectly. I feel like they’re inviting and they make you just want to sit down no matter what’s being served. Being able to design the chairs exactly how I wanted is one of the main reasons I chose these.

Dinner table

Corbett Table [Dimensions: 104w 36d 29h]

I love this table because, although the Cora chairs only fit six because they’re so big, I could actually fit ten seats at the table. The design of the table makes it feel big and sturdy without looking bulky. The dark finish was exactly what I needed to give the room some contrast. I have already pictured so many meals at this table!

Room & Board design

Morse Rug in Grey/Gold [Dimensions 8’x10′]

Let me tell y’all about the Morse rug! It’s funny because after I designed the chairs, I had an exact image in my mind of what I wanted the rug to look like. I wanted something with similar colors that ties the room together. I got lucky and saw this one. With multiple color patterns and sizes to choose from, it was literally just like putting the missing piece to my space. I’m trying to find a way to keep it flat because it’s on carpet, so please share any suggestions if you have any!

Dining room inspiration

Shopping Room & Board

The main reason to shop Room & Board is just knowing you’ll find pieces you love for your home that will last you through the years (and the kids). One thing I know is I’ll be having a lot of dinner parties in this dining space! As we say in my home, invitation!

Dining Room

This post was written in partnership with Room & Board, but all opinions are true and my own!