Black-Owned Businesses for Stuff You Already Buy


Buying Black-Owned

Buying Black-Owned

This is the time to put our money where our mouth is, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to find Black-Owned businesses for stuff you already buy. I’m trying to be more intentional about the products I bring into my house and getting them from Black-Owned businesses. Since I’ve created product lists in the past, I will slowly update them to give Black-Owned options as well. We’re getting used to seeing Black-Owned clothing brands and hair care lines. But guess what? Everything from toilet paper to cleaning supplies is available from a Black-Owned company and it’s just a quick search away. Many of these brands are even available at major retailers where we already shop.

Black-Owned at Home

Cleaning Supplies and Detergents

PUR Home / @purhomeclean

Purpus / @ihavepurpus

Nubian Pride

Bedding and Textiles

Justina Blakeney / @justinablakeneyhome / @thejungalow

Bolé Road Textiles / @boleroadtextiles

Robin Wilson Home / @robinwilsonhome

Linoto / @linotodotcom


Jungalow Home Goods / @thejungalow

Domain by Laura Hodges Studio / @laurahodgesstudio

Exhibition SubSahara / @expeditionsubsahara

Lichen Furniture / @lichennyc

CLARE Interior Paint! / @clarepaint

Ellen Gibson Designs / @gibsonelle

Mitchell Black / @mitchell__black

B. Smith / @BSmithstyle

Art Work

Cristina Martinez / @Sew_Trill

Malene Barnett / @malene.barnett


KintsugiCandleCo. / @kintsugicandleco

GoodnightDarlingCo. / @goodnightdarlingco

Denniston House / @dennistonhouse

Black-Owned Personal Care

Hair Care

NaturAll Club / @naturallclub

Camille Rose / @camillerosenaturals

Mielle Organics / @mielleorganics

Aunt Jackie’s / @auntjackiescurlsandcoils

OrganicGrowHairCo / @organigrowhairco

Naturalicious / @naturalicious_beauty

Make Up

Mented Cosmetics / @mentedcosmetics

Juuvia’s Place / @juviasplace

AJ Crimson / @ajcrimsonbeauty

Danessa Myricks Beauty / @danessa_myricks

Pat McGrath Labs / @patmcgrathreal


Black Girl Sunscreen / @blackgirlsunscreen

Body Care

Cream & Coco / @creamandcoco


Iyoba / @iyobahandmade

Playpits / @playpits

Nubian Heritage / @nubianheritage

Garner’s Garden / @garnersgarden

Toilet Paper

Reel Paper Co. / @reelpaperco

Oral Health

Dirt Don’t Hurt / @dirtdonthurtme

Feels Good to Smile / @smilenaturalproducts

Feminine Hygiene

The Honey Pot / @thehoneypotco

Clothing and Accessory Brands

Fe Noel / @fenoel

Tongoro / @tongorostudio

Kahmune Nude Heels / @kahmune

Nubian Skin Lingerie / @nubianskin

Cherry Blossom Intimates / @cherryblossomintimates

The Wrap Life / @thewraplife

Atelier APL Accessories / @Atelier.APL

Love Cortnie Bags / @cortnieelizabeth


Jay Benzaal / @jbenzal

Drawlz / @drawlzbrandco

Bevel Shave / @bevel

Figaro Cigars / @figarocigars

Black-Owned Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Black-Owned Miscellaneous


Esusu Financial / @myesusu

[Save, Access capital and Build credit]

Food & Drink

Blk & Bold Coffe and Tea / @blkandbold

Adjourn Teahouse / @adjournteahouse

Bosuo Global / @bosuoglobal

Ginjan Bros / @ginjanbros

Cooking Seasonings

Chef Curl Ardee / @chefcurlardee

The Fit Cook / @thefitcook


Book Lair / @brainlairbooks

Black Pearl Books / @blackpearlbooks

The Lit.Bar / @bookshop_org

Cafe con Libros Bookstore / @cafeconlibros_bk


Salamander Resorts / @salamanderresort


Up In the Air Life / @upintheairlife

Black-Owned Platforms

Hopefully this list will help you get started on your search. I encourage you to find simple ways like this to add Black-Owned products into your life. Because, if we really want to support Black people and Black companies, we have to Buy Black! To get started, you can take a few steps in your daily routine. First, make a list of products you use at home. Next, challenge yourself to find an alternative from a Black-Owned business. Lastly, commit to buying that product even if it is a few dollars more expensive or a little more challenging to get. Note: This list is by no means exhaustive – please, please, please add onto it! Comment below Black-Owned businesses that deserve our attention or even reviews as you explore these ones.

For more, visit Official Black Wall Street and Minority Report.

*One very useful tool for buying from Black-Owned businesses is the Minority Report. Not only do they highlight Black brands, but they also review products to help you make smart consumer choices.