The Peninsula Chicago review by top US travel blogger, Tales and Turbans

The Peninsula Chicago: A Covid Stay Away from Home


The Peninsula Chicago review featured by top US travel blogger, Tales and Turbans

A Stay at The Peninsula Chicago

Whether you’re in Chicago, visiting the City, or just a few hours drive away, you have to stay at The Peninsula Chicago. Let me tell you about the amazing getaway the girls and I had there last week. I know it feels impossible to travel right now, but it all depends on how and where you do it. Everyone is getting restless from staying home, including me and my little family. So we decided to take a quick road trip to Chicago and we couldn’t have picked a better place to stay.

The experience at the Peninsula Chicago is unlike any other because it’s tailored specifically to you. The staff at the hotel does such an amazing job of individualizing your stay that you almost feel like you’re home (if your home has 24-hour concierge, three gourmet restaurants on site, and a floor-to-ceiling skyline-view pool)!

The Peninsula Chicago

The Peninsula Chicago is Kid-Friendly

Anytime I’m traveling with the girls, I naturally look for kid-friendly hotels (side effects of being a mom). The Peninsula Chicago went far beyond our expectations and treated the girls as if they were special guests. From our entrance into the hotel where they were greeted with smiles from the staff and balloon animals until their entrance into our room, which was decorated perfectly for little adventurers, the girls had smiling all the way. The campside tent was so cool to see, but that wasn’t all. There were “Diari and Fatima” cookies and other treats on the table waiting for us when we walked in. And talk about personalization, their names were written on the TV courtesy of “Camp Peninsula.”

Safety First! The Peninsula Chicago is Covid Prepared

For me, as a mommy, I was excited too. Some of the best features of the hotel were the hygiene and safety precautions taken all around the hotel, starting in our rooms. The Peninsula provided us all with extra disposable masks, sanitary wipes, and hand sanitizer. I was so surprised. And everywhere you went around the hotel, there were sanitizer stations, everyone was wearing a mask and all the surfaces were being cleaned consistently. This made me feel so much better about traveling in the time of Covid.

Sustainable Luxury

Of course, I loved our room and all the luxury we got to experience as well. The Peninsula Chicago really does a great job of making their hotel as comfortable and lavish as possible. I can’t say enough good things about the welcoming decor, the soft bedding, or the gorgeous bathroom equipped with a full-sized bathtub.

One cool thing I found out during out stay is that The Peninsula Chicago is big on sustainability and service. They make intentional efforts to source everything from the wood they use to the seafood and coffee they serve. They also prioritize energy efficiency in their lighting, heating and cooling, and laundry services. The Peninsula also recycles many of the materials that circulate during our stays. And best of all, they work with the communities they are in to serve by setting up schools, programs, and opportunities. I think The Peninsula’s initiatives are really cool and worth learning more about.

For these and many more reasons, I will definitely be making my way back to The Peninsula Chicago. Most importantly, I feel right at home when I’m there!

The Peninsula Chicago