Dresses for Easy Summer Fashion


Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

Dresses are my favorite thing to wear. They come in so many different shapes, prints, and styles. I love how easy they are to throw on for going out and even staying in the house. No matter the occasion, a dress can be your go-to. I’m linking some of my favorite dresses below because I know how hard it can be to go through all the options. I hope this helps as you start shopping for your summer wardrobe.

I’ve talked about the importance of investing in valuable pieces in the past but it’s important to have balance, especially right now. So keep an eye out for good bargains because a lot of items are on super sale right now. I’ve mostly been ordering online but I’ve come across great deals at some of my favorite bargain stores like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Burlington but also ASOS and BCBG.


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When I shop for a dress, I look for patterns and colors that catch my eye. But more importantly, I look for pieces that will accentuate my shape and still be comfortable. Some things I struggle with are low cut necklines, short skirt under a sheer dress, and sleeveless arms. But it’s still possible to find really cute ones for any body type. Don’t let it get you down because there’s a solution for most of those issues. You can add a tank top, some tights, or a small sweater/jean jacket. A waistline is the most important thing to look for so you don’t get lost in the fabric.

A waistline is the key to a dress. Even loose pieces can create a silhouette if you just add a waist.


Patterns and textures make a statement. Stand out!

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What are some of your favorite brand dresses to shop? Have you found any good deals happening right now?