Winter Whites: Styling, Cleaning, and Wearing


Winter Whites

Keeping “Whites” White

The hardest thing about wearing the color White is how easy it is to get dirty. Whenever I wear White, I feel like less of a woman LOL. Seriously because every time I would wear White, my sleeves would pick up stains from tables, or my makeup would get it on my collar, or my kids would decide today is the day to be the messiest they can possible be! The reality is, White isn’t really “wearable.” So I have learned that no one is keeping their Whites white throughout the day. They’re keeping them White through every wear. So my first advice is to always be careful when you’re wearing White (which we all try to be) but cut yourself some slack and take care of stains as they happen.

  • Dry Cleaning is your friend! There’s a misconception that dry cleaning is just for luxury. No, sis. Your clothes deserve dry cleaning and usually the cost of one garment is around $2! Check your local area and compare dry cleaners until you find your go-to place.
  • Tide To-Go Pens are a good on-the-go solution. You can throw these in your purse in case you get a food stain on your top right before going into a meeting (speaking from experience lol).
  • Know How to Wash Whites if you’re going to do it at home. Use bleach carefully or try products like Oxi Clean White Revive.
  • Baking Soda is a good at-home stain solution.

Styling Winter Whites

Another difficult part of wearing the color White is finding ways to style it. We hesitate because we don’t want to walk into the light and realize we have five different shades of White on (unintentionally) lol. But there are a few things that can help with styling White on White, especially in the winter, and here are my go-to tips.

  • Find matching Whites or contrast types of White. There are hundreds of official “Whites” that range from stark Whites to cream Whites.
  • Textures like ribbed, baggy/layered, or furry pieces can help style your Whites.
  • Accessories can break up your white whether it’s a statement bag, simple pieces of jewelry, or a fun pair of shoes.

Wearing Whites: See-Through Solutions

White is SEE-THROUGH! Phew. There I said it. The real hardest part of wearing White is feeling like you’re not wearing anything at all lol. The pink panty exposure, the cellulite crisis, and the secrets revealed are all the reasons many of us run from White. But we don’t have to take it. Here are the things that have saved me from embarrassment when wearing my favorite White outfits.

  • Skims or another brand of shapewear. I find some of my favorite shapewear pieces at stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Burlington and Ross. All very affordable stores but it’s good to have high end ones like Skims too.
  • Wear dark, neutral undergarments sis! Do not wear the pink panties! It’s a risk not worth taking lol.
  • Footless stockings are a big help. I will actually cut the feet off of a pair of really good stockings sometimes. This is a major secret that has changed Whites for me because unlike shapewear, stockings are super thin and don’t come through as clearly. They also cover from waist to ankle or knee without super visible seams. If you haven’t tried this trick, I highly recommend it.
Winter Whites