Investing in Expensive but Timeless Fashion Pieces


Outfit Details:
Top and Pants / Fe Noel | Turtleneck / H&M | Turban / Vela Scarves | Bag / Rent the Runway

Investing in Big Girl Pieces

When I was younger, I would look for cheap deals to fill my closet. I would collect $5, $10, $15 pieces thinking I’m saving money. What ended up happening is I would spend hundreds of dollars by the end of the year for clothes that wouldn’t even last that long. I finally took my mom’s advice and started investing in pieces that I could grow with. The initial price tag hurts at first, but I realized I was spending the same amount at the end of the day with nothing to show for it. I’m now big on slowly investing in timeless pieces I plan to keep in my closet for years to come.

This flowy, colorful, elegant two-piece is one of the most beautiful outfits I have ever worn. And the backstory is pretty cool too. Y’all know, I love supporting women-owned, businesses of color. I discovered the brand, Fe Noel, on Instagram. Fe is an Afro-Caribbean designer who is popular for her bold and unique pieces. 

This outfit was so comfortable while stylish at the same time. I felt like I was floating in it. Everywhere I went, people were so intrigued by it and I got so many compliments. Wearing a piece like this feels like you’re wearing a piece of art. 

I paired the set with an orange turban to make the vibrant colors stand out. And I decided to go with a black turtleneck and black baby heels for contrast. I was excited because I actually had this little bag already with a similar color block and it worked perfectly. Since the outfit is so elegant and simple, I decided to play around with jewelry and opted for statement rings and earrings. I loved how effortlessly the outfit came together and how free I felt in it!

xoxo, Aicha