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15 Reasons to Stay at the Four Seasons New York with Your “Best Friends” – Traveling with Kids


Our First “Girls Trip”

For the first time, I traveled with both kids – my hyper three-year-old daughter and my needy infant four-month-old. While I’ve been wanting to travel, thinking about going with the kids was scary. I kept thinking, what if I forget something? What if they’re not comfortable? What if I can’t handle it? After this experience, I realized that where you stay makes a big difference in traveling with kids.

If you remember, I stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown last time I was in the City, but this was a totally unique experience! The hospitality, amenities, and accommodation of the Four Seasons New York in Midtown really made traveling with both girls easier, but fun too! I mean we honestly had a great time. Even Diari can’t stop talking about how much fun she had. We all enjoyed ourselves so much that we’re already talking about our next trip! Check out some of my top reasons to stay at the Four Seasons when traveling with kids.

1. The Four Seasons was Made with Kids in Mind.

My favorite thing about the Four Seasons New York is how kid-friendly it is. I had everything I could have wished for to make traveling with kids easier. First of all, the hotel baby-proofed the room! They covered the outlets, had an open space for Diari to play, and they put a non-slip mat in the bathtub.

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2. Bathtime and Bedtime Made Easy.

I loved the bath stuff laid of for Diari and Fatima, including the toddler bathrobe and slippers for Diari and the Naif bath items for Fatima. I was even able to call the front desk and request a bathtub for Fatima. You can borrow just about anything baby related from the bathtub to a stroller and so much more! They also prepared a crib for Fatima and stocked extra diapers, wipes, baby toys, and baby shower items for her.

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3. The Hotel Toy Room.

Oh! Let me tell y’all about the lobby toy room! When we arrived at check-in, Diari’s eyes lit up. It turns out, the hotel has plush stuffed animals for each child to choose when they arrive. They also had candy set out for the kids when we arrived in our room. So basically, Diari walked into the hotel and got a toy and candy. Can you see why she had a good time?

3. Best Hospitality Experience Ever.

Listen, I’ve stayed at a lot of good hotels and been treated well. But I’ve never experienced anything like the Four Seasons New York. The training must be exceptional because all of the staff were friendly and ready to help with any needs. I mean, literally every single person you run into. They hold the elevators and doors open for you; they smile and greet you whenever you come around; and they go the extra mile to make sure you’re having a great time because, the reality is, traveling with kids can be hard! 

4. You Can Order Anything.

And I mean, anything. I was so shocked when I saw that you could order a Qur’an and a prayer rug. I’ve never seen that anywhere before. You can also get board games to play with the kids, milk & cookies as a bedtime snack for the kids, tea for yourself (after dealing with the kids), and so much more!

5. When You Call for Anything, it’s There in Minutes.

6. The Stunning Simplicity of the Rooms.

7. The Garden Restaurant (and In-Room Dining) has Kids’ Menus and Coloring Books!

8. The In-Room Dining Menu Has so Many Good Options.

My favorite breakfast options were the wake-up elixir drinks and the omelets. I ordered my omelet with all of the veggies on the menu and LOBSTER – Lobster for breakfast!

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9. Amazing Views of the City Throughout the Rooms.

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10. There Are Different Floor Plans to Choose From.

The different room options allow you to pick what space is best for your different needs. There are open floor plans, separated one-bedrooms, and even two bedrooms.

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11. The ROLLS ROYCE House Car!

Let’s talk about this! First of all, getting to ride in a ROLLS ROYCE! But even if it was a Toyota Camry, just having the service is awesome lol. The house car will take you anywhere within a 12 block radius. This was such a major perk. I took it to go to the store with the girls twice. I loved that I could fold up Fatima’s stroller in the back and travel more comfortably with the girls in the City. We even went to grab lunch once in it.

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12. The Concierge Team is IT!

I know I already mentioned service, but when it’s this good, you have to give props where they’re due. These people really take care of you.

13. The Lobby is Picture Perfect!

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14. The L. Raphael Spa.


15. Location, Location, Location!

When you stay at the Four Seasons New York, you’re actually staying in New York. The hotel is in walking distance to everything, including major shops (Zara, H&M, Bloomingdales), Central Park, Union Square, and so many restaurants.

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