Thanksgiving: Dressing for Dinner (Recipe, Tips, and Outfit Idea)


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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because there’s food, fun, and family – three of my favorite things! Still, I wasn’t ready for how fast Thanksgiving came around this year. I’m pregnant, cranky, and tired, so I’ve been thinking about how I can make things run smoothly without putting in too much effort. First of all, finding something to wear is already a challenge not just because I feel huge, but also because the weather here is unpredictable. If you live somewhere cold like I do, you already know that even though the leaves are falling outside, it could be snowing by next week. Plus, you want to look nice, but you also want to wear something that is comfy enough to eat five plates at Thanksgiving dinner! So here is the look that I’ll be rocking this Thanksgiving, sharing it in hopes that it might inspire some of the pieces for your Thanksgiving outfit!

*I also want to share one of my favorite recipes and a few cooking tips and tricks too, so here is a link to the Instastory video of me cooking my steak and corn pudding recipe. I hope you enjoy!

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The look

I’ve decided to wear is an all-burgundy skirt and sweater combo. Funny thing is, I’ve had this skirt for two years, but I could never find something to match it with. I went to the mall recently and fell in love with this oversized sweater from H&M that matched perfectly! It was love at first sight because I knew I could wear these two together. What do you think of it? *Tip: Don’t be too scared to combine colors. Be bold! Sometimes it works so well!

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The outfit helps me show off my baby bump without making me feel huge. Plus, I had the perfect earrings to match it with. *Tip: Accessories can tie an outfit together, especially for a turbanista. Add something with hints of colors or a bold size and transform your look.

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My favorite thing about this outfit is that I was able to find a matching one for Diari! I love the holidays because I can do a lot of “mommy and me” outfits with her. It’s fun for all the special occasions. This two-piece poncho set will keep her warm and let her be free to run around! *Tip: Dress your mini-me in something that’s cute but also allows her to play and be free after the family pictures.

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What are your plans for this Thanksgiving holiday? What are you thankful for? Share some of your recipes, cooking tips, and outfit ideas down below!

Happy Thanksgiving, my loves! I am thankful for all of you 🙂