Holiday Glam with Rent the Runway: Fashion for a Fraction


Options for All Occasions

As the holiday season comes around, so does the stress of finding the perfect outfit for each occasion. Before all the responsibilities of adulting (buying washers and dryers, getting Diari new clothes every six months, and paying a whole mortgage), I used to drive myself crazy trying to find something to wear for dinners and parties. I remember feeling like I had to do whatever I could, even if it meant breaking the bank, just to “look good.” As a mom of one (and a half!) now, I have to be more money conscious, but I still want to look and feel my best.

Rent the Runway (RTR) Unlimited lets you change your wardrobe every month. I am notorious for having a closet full of clothes but swearing, “I have nothing to wear.” It feels like I spend so much money just to wear certain pieces once or twice, or even never. With RTR, I feel like I have options for all occasions and I don’t regret it later.

I’m not sharing this post as an ad about a service I never use. I honestly have been using RTR since I found out about it last year. Even my graduation dresses were from RTR. I’ve rented beautiful outfits and accessories from RTR for all kinds of events. They have designer brands and styles at a fraction of the price. You can rent a $1,095 Marchessa Notte evening gown for $165 and a $150 Kate Spade bag for $20. We don’t have to break the bank to be beautiful! 

Fashion at a Fraction

Here’s what you need to know about RTR:

  1. You can rent up to four beautiful pieces from the RTR fashion collection each time.
  2. When you wear and return an item, you can choose something new for free! And the best part is – they dry clean the clothes you wear for you. Are you a busy mom or a lazy fashionista (or both?)…because I am!
  3. No commitment. The only things I’m committed to are my husband and our babies. Besides that, I hate commitments and RTR Unlimited gets that.

There’s a Black Friday deal going right now that gives you 40% off your first month of RTR Unlimited and you can also use my code AISSATOUPERK40 to save 40% as well.

I love the features you find on the site. For example, most of the items have pictures of real women wearing them, so it gives you a better sense of how it would look on you. It makes me feel so good when I see women with my shape wearing pieces I want to rent. Honestly, sometimes it shows me that the outfit would actually not look good on me! Another thing RTR does that I haven’t seen anywhere else is it allows you to put that you are pregnant plus how many months along and it shows you options for your body!

As I was getting ready for the Fohr Freshman class trip to New York, I was so stressed about what to wear to everything, especially when they told me there would be a “black tie event.” At six months pregnant, I didn’t know how I was going to find a dress that made me look and feel good without spending hundreds of dollars and walking through the whole mall. With RTR Unlimited, I just filtered in the kind of dress I wanted (long black evening gown), my pregnancy, and the dates I needed it for and ta-da! At first, I actually saw this dress but I didn’t think it would look good on me. The awesome RTR staff shipped it to me to try and helped me accessorize it and I couldn’t believe how good it looked. It was such a big stress off my shoulders.

Share your thoughts, sis!

Would you use a service like this? What are your hesitations?