Sun-Maid Raisins in My Couscous: A Holiday Recipe


Pulling Off the Holidays: Sun-Maid Couscous and Savory Chicken

Y’all know I love hosting. Every year, I look forward to the holiday season because it’s nonstop family gatherings and opportunities to host people we love. This holiday will be different, of course. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be as fun or as special. I’m trying some creative recipes with new ingredients while my little family and I stay home and create some new traditions.  

For this recipe, I decided to add Sun-Maid raisins to the couscous for a healthy sweetener. In many cultures, this is a common practice. But for us, it will be something that adds a twist on a family favorite. I use Sun-Maid raisins in particular because they are naturally sweet with zero grams of added sugar. My girls love to snack on them and I love that they’re literally nothing but grapes and sunshine! We bond over this dish because they can enjoy a bowl of raisins while I’m prepping the couscous, making Sun-Maid raisins incredibly versatile. Here are the steps to our Sun-Maid Couscous and Savory Chicken recipe. 

SunMaid Holiday


Chicken (thighs or drumsticks)









Knorr Chicken Seasoning

Black pepper 

Olive oil 


Sun-Maid Raisins 

SunMaid Holiday

Steps and Prep

To Prep Your Chicken

Oil a pan and allow the oil to heat up 

Add your spices to your chicken and mix

Add crushed garlic 

Mix in the mustard until everything blends well

Check if your oil is warm, make sure it’s not too hot

Place your chicken pieces in the pan, one by one

Allow the first side to cook until brown

Once brown, flip and allow the other side to cook

While the chicken is browning, slice your onions. Tip: How many onions you use is up to you, but the more onions you have, the more sauce you get! 

Mix in mustard, paprika, and black pepper with your onions 

Add the onions to your chicken and mix, then close your pan to let the onions cook down 

Occasionally check in and add a cup of water 

Cool until your onions are tender to your liking 

Creating Your Sun-Maid Raisin Couscous 

Regardless of the brand of couscous you use, there should be instructions on the box. Typically, for every cup of couscous you use, you need one cup of water. Once you have your ratio, you warm the couscous in the microwave until soft. Then, mix in your Sun-Maid raisins. Like I said, in my house we love Sun-Maid raisins, so I use a whole cup full. But it’s up to you! 

Trying New Things and Making New Holiday Memories

Have fun with this recipe and make it your own! The holidays are a time for joy, family, love, and gratitude. We can still have all of those things even if our traditions are different. This is the perfect year to make new memories spending time doing things together as a family. I love creating this recipe with Sun-Maid raisins because it made us think outside of the box. I highly encourage you to try new recipes for your holiday menu and you can start by challenging yourself to make your own recipe using an ingredient like Sun-Maid raisins! 

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What are some of your holiday plans this year?