Activities to Fight Seasonal Depression while also Fighting the World


Activities to fight seasonal depression 2020

Seasonal Depression is Real; Let’s Fight It

The cold months are upon a lot of us and it can be a hard time. Many of us feel sad but can’t really explain why. If you don’t know the term, seasonal depression is the explanation for those feelings. It’s normal to feel sad due to the cold weather, the gloomy days, and of course, the lack of human contact and places to go. Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, 2020 has already put us through several of those things since March. So this winter is probably going to be harder and might bring stronger feelings of seasonal depression. Not only are we sad about the weather, but with everything else going on this year (from COVID, the fight for Black Lives Matter, the U.S. elections, the political and social unrest across Africa, the racial injustice around the world – should I keep going?), it’s really important to find ways to combat those feelings.

20 Activities to Keep You Sane this 2020 Winter

Lists are really helpful to me. They’re easy to scroll through and get quick ideas from. This list includes 20 activities for the 2020 winter that you can do at home to stay sane and fight the seasonal depression that’s coming our way. These activities are not just for kids; don’t be scared to channel your inner child while you’re at home. Explore this list of activities and add your own ideas. Sending you happy vibes!

1. Make a list of things that make you happy

When you’re sad, the best thing you can have is a reminder of what makes you happy. This list can be anything. For example, it can be specific music, journaling your feelings, calling a certain friend, or just sitting outside wrapped in a blanket. It can be easy to forget in those moments so have this list as a reminder to yourself.

2. Paint

Painting can be a really fun way to get creative. I know you might think, I don’t know how to paint or That’s a mess waiting to happen. But no! One fun activity you can do is set up a paint station with something on the floor for mess, a table with all your supplies, and some quick paint materials from any store. Then, go to Youtube and find a Bob Ross video (thank me later) and follow along! This can be a fun challenge with your significant other or your kids to see who gets the best painting!

3. Play Card Games and Board Games

In my house, some of our favorite card games are Uno, Monopoly Deal, and several of the ones we learned as kids that we now make our own rules to! There are also adult card games like Cards Against Humanity that you can order online. We also love a good board game like a full Monopoly, chess, Mancala, Bingo, anything to have fun!

4. Puzzles
5. Coloring Books

Adult coloring books exist!

6. Photography

Explore your phone camera or pick up a cheap camera from the store. Get creative and stage different photo scenes. You can even look up photo challenges or photo classes online.

7. Frame some of your favorite photos

This is one of my favorite things because we don’t print pictures anymore! We create all kinds of memories in our phones. Pick your favorites, run to CVS or another photo center and print them out. Prices range from 10 cents to $10! And then pick some frames or albums to show them off in.

8. Try Baking or Cooking
9. Learn something new

Practice a language through the Duolingo app. You can even create flashcards and label everything in your house to help you learn.

Take an online class through one of the free Ivy League offerings! This is a good time to explore topics you’ve always wanted to learn or even consider going back to school.

10. Redecorate and Renovate your Home

We are home all the time now so this is when we start noticing that there’s a lot of things we don’t like about our homes! Use this opportunity to get creative and transform your space. Get lost in DIY ideas from Pinterest. You can update your kitchen cabinets, redecorate your rooms, whatever you choose!

11. Host themed house parties

Get fancy with a movie night, game night, couple’s date night – the possibilities are endless!

12. Do a book challenge

Once a year, I look up a list of books that I want to explore. One year I did the All Time 100 Novels challenge. This past year I focused on books by African authors (first I did general authors, then I did female African authors, specifically). You can usually find good lists on GOODREADS.COM. This has been so much fun for me. You can even make it a book club with your friends if you want! The great thing is, you can meet virtually so that you can meet no matter where they all are.

13. Do a movies or shows challenge

Similar to the book challenge, search for a list of movies or shows (top rated movies in history, best female lead movies), and explore those. Tip: Netflix Party allows you to watch movies at the same time as your friends.

14. Make your own spa night
15. Search for virtual concerts, tours, and activities online
16. Clean and Organize

I know this doesn’t sound fun but our space has a lot to do with our mood. So it’s really important to do a seasonal cleaning. Pack away all of the things you won’t need in the cold months, bleach the house down, and burn some candles.

17. Make a Goal Board
18. Learn Caligraphy
19. Make New Music playlists and/or update your old ones
20. Find a new podcast