One Skirt, Three Outfits: Maximizing Your Closet


Challenge Accepted: Maximizing My Closet 

This month, I really want to share some tips and tricks on how to maximize the pieces in your closet. I know the struggle of putting outfits together. I love dressing up, but most days I stand in front of my big closet and I can’t find anything to wear. How does that happen when I have so many clothes? Instead of going shopping for new ones, I’ve decided to challenge myself to make the same pieces work in more ways than one. Ramadan can be a hard time for fashion because I feel like there’s more pressure to look nice because there’s so many places to go. So I’m styling this super cute, mustard color, flowy skirt from Modanisa three ways with different shoes, scarf styles, and accessories. Let me know which look is your favorite and share some tips on how you restyle your closet! You can shop this skirt HERE use code AICHA for an extra 25% discount + free shipping.

Tips to Maximizing your Closet:

  • Pick one piece and style around it. For example, I started with the skirt and then picked different pieces to go with it until I had three outfits.
  • Wear different shoes. A lot of times when I find a pair of shoes I like, I wear them all the time, with everything. When you wear different shoes, they help you reimagine your outfit and your closet.
  • Switch up the accessories. Try long earrings or studs and tote bags or clutches.
  • If you wear a headscarf, try different styles. With the right outfit, you can alternate between a turban or a hijab and there’s so many ways to style them. Check out this old video I did on turban styles. Even if you don’t wear a turban usually, find a scarf with a pattern you like and try it out!
  • Jackets can add to an outfit in any season. Leather jackets, blazers, and cardigans can all be used as an extra piece to style your outfit.

How Do You Maximize Your Closet?

What are your thoughts on these looks? What are some tips you have for maximizing your closet? Do you do a Spring cleaning every few months and get rid of stuff or are you secretly a hoarder? No judgement here!