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Raising Fatima born free™ 

Being raised in Africa, my husband and I got to roam freely as children. We would run around our neighborhoods, often barefoot, roam through fields, and explore the world with our friends. Unfortunately, our children don’t have that luxury at our house in the suburbs of America. We keep them inside for a million reasons including safety reasons and because we don’t have time. The born free™ line is helping me give my girls a taste of the freedom that I had as a child with their line of baby essentials. Luckily for Fatima, she’s getting to experience everything with her collection of born free™ goodies

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born free™ kova Bouncer

Our favorite born free™ item is the kova bouncer. I love the simplistic design and that it is soft and secure.  It has a newborn fabric insert so Fatima has been able to use it since she got home. It also allows me to change the settings on the bouncer to allow Fatima to go from bouncing to rocking. I can fold it easily and tuck it into its carry-bag. Plus, I can take the toy bar down. So it’s super customizable depending on her needs at that time.  

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born free™ liva Stroller

Fatima and I just took a walk in the liva stroller on the first day of warm weather here in Indiana. Finally! I love that the stroller has so many storage options, including a place for my phone, my Starbucks drink, Fatima’s bottle, my bag, Fatima’s bag, and all the millions of other things moms have to carry! Naturally, Fatima fell asleep on the ride, but I think it’s because the liva stroller is just so smooth! Sometimes with strollers, you get a bumpy ride. I hate feeling like I’m pushing a grocery cart. This was great for both of us!

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born free™ wima Carrier

As an African mom, it’s natural for me to carry my babies. I remember when people used to look at me weird in airports for carrying Diari on my back. The wima carrier allows me to keep up my traditions but with a modern twist. With its four positions, including front and back carry options, I get to have so versatility so I don’t strain my back. I can wash it; it has storage pockets and loops for Fatima’s pacifiers, my keys, and so much more. 

born free™ siba Playard

The siba has been amazing to have because it is interchangeable. I can use it as a napper, a changer, and a play area for Fatima. I love my family, but we have the curse of always wanting to pick up babies and hold them, so every time I have company, Fatima is in someone’s arms. I’m trying not to get her used to that so when we’re home alone, I let her chill in her siba and I can get things done too. My favorite thing about it is that I can travel with it and wash it whenever I need! 


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born free™ nisa Playard

The nisa is so cool because it’s portable. I can tear it down and take it anywhere in its fold-and-carry bag, Fatima can always enjoy it whether we want to use it at home or on a day at the park. With the oversized canopy, I don’t have to worry about mosquitos or other insects bugging her (pun-intended) while we’re outside. We’ll have to wait a few months to use it, though!  

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