Modest Swimwear: We Can Still Have Fun!


Modest Swimwear

One misconception about choosing to cover your hair is that you can’t have fun with your family. Specifically, you can’t go to the pool or the beach with your family. I’ve always had issues with that because I don’t believe that the turban or hijab is supposed to be restrictive. It’s meant to enhance your life and it’s something you can build around. So you can imagine, when I started to see Muslimahs living their best lives in modest swimwear, I was excited!

There are so many possibilities to modest swim fashion that can work for whatever your comfort level or favorite water activities are. If you’re a true swimmer, you deserve to swim. And you can! There are swim material full body swimsuits that give you all the coverage you need and al the flexibility you want. If you’re lounger like me, there are also stylish options that allow you to hang out near the water without feeling like an outsider. Check out the looks I put together from different brands, price ranges, and styles and let me know which is your favorite! I hope these ideas help you out in your modesty journey, whether your a Muslimah or not! And please share any recommendations below or on Instagram that you know of!

The Burkini

The Wrap Skirt

My Bathing Suits Underneath

The Two-Piece Set

The Mix & Match

You can take pieces that you didn’t buy together but are comfortable or look really cute together and layer them! Don’t feel like something has to come as a set to work together.


Pull out the leggings! If you don’t have any of the pieces I shared above and you’re having a beach party tomorrow, reach in your closet and grab some leggings and a long sleeve shirt. That’s what I did before I knew anything about modest swimwear. And that’s still a great option! Do what works and what’s comfortable for you. Whatever it is, just have fun!

Accessories are a great way to make modest swimwear fun. You can tell from all of the looks I shared, I like to change up my accessories even with my swimwear. By accessories I mean: hats, sandals, sunglasses, jewelry, swim turbans, and even fun swimsuits that I can wear under my sets.

Most Importantly, Have Fun!

Like I said, whatever you go with, just go! Have fun! You deserve to enjoy the pool, the beach, jet skis, waterfalls, and all of the beautiful water fun that other people have. Don’t limit yourself. I can’t wait to hear what your favorite styles are!