Wisconsin Dells Should be at the Top of Your Summer 2021 Travel List


Wisconsin Dells

A Warm Welcome to Wisconsin Dells

When we started looking for our first family vacation destination of the 2021 post-covid summer, we wanted something slow-paced and close by. That’s not that hard to find in the Midwest, but we didn’t expect what we found when we arrived in Wisconsin Dells. A five-hour drive from us, it was the ‘just-right’ driving distance that we could manage with kids before things got ugly! A road trip is a good way to see all the sights because you have more freedom thanks to the car and you get to load it up with everything you could need.

When we arrived, suddenly we weren’t sleepy anymore because our cabin shocked us awake. It was like a peaceful getaway, glamping style. From the unique outside, decked out with a wrap around patio, two barbecue grills, and a firepit, we couldn’t wait to explore.

Inside, with 6 rooms and 20 beds, the Aspen Chalet at Spring Brook Vacation Homes had enough space for our whole family and all the friends we wished we had invited! We enjoyed every part of the house, especially the game room and theater. Even the guys got to enjoy; they watched their basketball games in the theater while playing pool. You could say, it was the life! Oh and we definitely barbecued every night and ate every meal out on the deck. Our cabin was the perfect getaway for us. Wisconsin Dells is also home to several resorts that we hope to visit on our next trip. Did I mention? It’s “The Waterpark Capital of the World!”

*Best of all, our cabin was close to all the amenities in the downtown Dells (5-10 minutes) AND a plaza across the street with a Walmart, food options, Kohl’s and Ross.

All the Things to Do in “The Waterpark Capital of the World!”

I’ve never been to a place that made it impossible to be bored. There are about 100 (literally) things to do in the Dells. And every activity is as fun as the last. As much as we wanted to be home enjoying our cabin and relaxing, we couldn’t pass up on all the fun things to do. We loaded up our itinerary every day we were there. Here are the things we did, the costs, and the things we wish we could have done.

First, let me share some resources about the Dells. Check out this short welcome video and a link to the video tours of different Wisconsin Dells activities.

Dells Boat Tour

[Upper Dells $32 Adult $16 Child]
[Lower Dells $24 Adult $12.50 Child]

There are two tours you can book with the Dells Boat Tour, Upper Dells and Lower Dells. Make sure you do your research to find out which is best for your party. We did the Upper Dells tour and really enjoyed it because we got to make two stops to walk around the rock formations. One of the stops was at Witches Gulch and the other was at Stand Rock where we got to see a German Shepherd jump between two rock formations. The Upper Dells tour isn’t ideal for people who can’t walk a short distance. For example, if we had taken my mom, we probably would have struggled with that one a little. So make sure to prepare for that!

*Pro Tip: The boats leave every 30-45 minutes usually from about 10am to 6pm so you have plenty of chances.

*Pro Tip 2: There is actually a bench area where you are seated in order of your arrival. That gives you first dibs on your boat seats. (Honestly, the tour was cool from wherever you sat, but it is nice to have preference!). That also means you don’t have to wait in your car until the tour starts!

*Pro Tip 3: Wear closed-toe shoes! Make sure everyone in the family does.

Timbavati Wildlife Park

[$19.95 Adult $14.95 Child (2-12)]

I have to be honest, I’m not usually a fan of the zoo. But Timbavati Wildlife Park is no zoo. It is home to over 400 amazing animals from around the world. The girls and I even got to go into the kangaroo habitat and feed the kangaroos! You didn’t hear it from me, but Daddy was too scared to go in LOL! But the kangaroos were so calm and playful. We loved this. Oh and we got to feed a giraffe! This was definitely a family favorite on our Wisconsin Dells tour.

*Pro Tip: Take the Safari Train!

High Rock Cafe

[Plates range from $10 appetizers to $20 entrees]

All I will say is – get the Truffle Shuffle Wisconsin Cheese Curds! And their mocktails list is one of the best I’ve seen. We all got the HUMU HUMU NUKU NUKU APUA’A (Guava puree, passion fruit puree, pineapple juice, lime juice, cherry and orange wheel) and yes, it was as good as it sounds!

Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf

[Cost depends on how many holes you want to play. From $9 (18 Holes) – $27 (91 Holes)]

This is the best mini golf course I have ever seen. I really can’t describe this place well enough. You’re just gonna have to go see for yourself! Lol seriously, Pirate’s Cove was like a serene garden getaway with a side of golf. Everywhere you looked, your eyes landed on beautiful nature, including running waterfalls, lovely flowers, and cool rock formations. And best of all, it was huge so we had several courses to choose and we could move at our own pace. Surprisingly, Diari was the best golfer among us! Oh and yes, they had golf clubs small enough for Diari AND Fatima!

Kalahari Indoor and Outdoor Water Park

[$49.99 – $79.99 Day Passes]

You can’t come to the Water Park Capital of the World and not visit a water park. Still, that doesn’t prepare you for this experience. I think we, the adults, were just as excited as the kids! The water activities were endless and even the kiddy pools were decked out with things to do. We couldn’t get the kids out of the water until we bribed them with tacos from Tiko’s Taco truck conveniently parked in the water park. Like I mentioned before, there are resort options in Wisconsin Dells that are a great place to stay and the Kalahari was one of them.

Where You’ll Find Us Next

We’re coming back to Wisconsin Dells (with a stop through Milwaukee, of course) and when we do, here are just some of the things we have to add to our itinerary:

Horseback Riding, Sunset Dinner Cruise, Zip Lining, Arcade Hopping and one of the MANY other activities you’ll find listed on the Wisconsin Dells travel site. This really is the place for family (and even friends) fun, consider adding this to your list for your next travel destination!

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Wisconsin Dells
Wisconsin Dells
Wisconsin Dells
Wisconsin Dells
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