Travel Tales: Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown



Discovering new places is one of my favorite things about traveling. But sometimes you can go somewhere you already know and see it in a whole new light just by changing where you stay. New York is my home away from home. Like most immigrants, my family landed in New York in search of a better life. So most of my best memories are in New York and I feel like I know its crowded streets, its banging food spots, and all there is to love about the City like the back of my hand. But staying in the Four Seasons Hotel in Downtown New York made me see my home in a whole new light!


First, let’s talk about the design of the hotel. They truly pay attention to detail in EVERYTHING! And shoutout to the 24/7 doorman who is there to open the door and help you with your luggage or even help get you out of the cab (I should mention how it was snowing really bad and me and my wobbly belly got to the hotel and the doorman not only opened my door but made sure he held my arm til I safely got inside the building to avoid a slip and fall). I felt like a real-life princess!


The cozy rooms and the bedding feel like you’re laying on a bed of clouds. They take luxury to the next level. Not to mention, the room decorations and the views were stunning. But if I’m being honest, I spent most of my time in the deep soaking tub in the bathroom!


The closets have enough storage space to hang clothes and the outside of the closets are mirrors. Why does the Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown have more closet space than my actual house? I thought about moving in just to have somewhere to put all my clothes! But seriously, the space in the whole room was really well laid out. I shared a room with a friend but we never felt cramped. We were able to have a breakfast feast in our room with no problem (wait until you get to the details about the feast)!


Most importantly, the location is perfect. Like I said, I love New York, and especially Lower Manhattan because there is so much to do. The culture, the vibe, and the life of the area is like no other. Luckily, the Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown is in the center of everything. It is in walking distance to a lot of shopping stores, Soho, Brooklyn Bridge and so much more. The area is also a food haven. Besides Cut by Wolfgang Puck which is located in the lobby, you can find all types of foods to satisfy your taste buds. Check out the hotel site for more of what’s in the area including the activities, restaurants, subway access and much more!


Every hotel has something that sets them apart from others and the Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown really shine when it comes to these features:

The in-room dining experience is incredible thanks to Chef Shaun Acosta. You can order your food from this tablet that details the type of dining (breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night) and the extensive menu that includes fresh-squeezed juice, make your own smoothie, and so much more. You can even order your food in advance! For instance, you can order your breakfast the night before and let them know what time you want it served. Warning: Pregnant moms never want to leave.

  • PS: You can also order a newspaper the night before using the tablet! You can pick your choice of newspaper too. Even if newspapers aren’t your thing, you can appreciate that attention to detail the Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown gives its guest.

The bathroom is luxurious because of its clean and modern design. The shower was soothing and felt like rain falling on your body, but most importantly the TUB! The tub has enough space for me and my plus one belly! It’s perfect for soaking and it’s very comfortable. I’m usually not a fan of taking baths but I honestly loved this experience.

Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown

Most importantly, The Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown’s customer service is incredible! As soon as I called down with a request, my needs were met as quickly as possible. At one point, I called and asked for scissors and within 5 minutes someone showed up with a Four Seasons shopping bag wrapped in a bow with my scissors inside! The staff at the Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown pays attention to the details and they genuinely care about meeting your needs. I really appreciated that.

Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown

My stay at the Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown reminded me why New York was home but at the same time, it allowed me to explore my city with a new lens. The hotel gives you the feeling of luxury right in the middle of the city. Lower Manhattan is the perfect place to explore New York, and the Four Seasons New York Downtown gives you a beautiful and comfortable place to rest after all that exploring. Honestly though, once you get inside the hotel, thanks to all the amenities, the awesome customer service, and the bomb food they offer right to your door, it’s hard to even leave the hotel sometimes!

Have you been to New York? Would you consider staying at the Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown? Share your experience below if you already have enjoyed at stay at the Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown! I know I enjoyed my stay!

In Partnership with Four Seasons New York Downtown! All views are my own.