Diari’s Turns Two – Cute Dresses for Your Mini Fashionista


Diari is officially T W O! And I am officially in denial. When she was born, I remember being warned about the “Terrible Twos” and thinking to myself, “well, at least I have two years to prepare!” But let me tell you something – I checked off the box to every symptom of the “Terrible Twos” by the time Diari was One! My little princess is more active than me and her dad combined. As you can probably imagine, getting her dressed and keeping her clean is a full-time job! And now that she is two, Diari has her own opinion about how she should do her mini-fashion. She loves dresses and she has enough for every day of the week, as long as she gets to pick her dress. Here are Diari’s picks!


Toddler dresses

Toddler dresses


Toddler dresses


pokadot toddler dress


Summer toddler dress


occasion toddler dress


Toddler dresses

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