Natural Hair Regimen: How To Care For Your Child’s Natural Hair


Natural Hair Care Products

My Natural Hair Regimen: Disclaimer!

I want to start off by saying yes, this is my current natural hair regimen and these are the product I currently use, but they change all the time. That’s the reality of natural hair care. I am also not a professional, so I am only sharing what has worked for our natural hair. Deciding on a healthy hair regimen for Diari was especially not easy. It took trials and errors, but I currently swear by this. So here it is, stay tuned til the end for some tips.


I always start Diari’s process by shampooing her hair. I love to alternate between the “Aztec Secret” Clay mask and “As I Am” GroWash cleansing crème conditioner. When I use the clay mask, I mix it with equal parts water and apple cider vinegar; I then apply it to her hair and leave it in for 10 minutes before rinsing. The clay mask is gentle on Diari’s natural hair and brings her curls to life. The GroWash is also gentle,  but what I love the most about it is that it makes her hair smooth and manageable.

Natural Hair Shampoos


I always deep condition after shampooing. I skip the regular conditioner and go for a deep condition because I absolutely love the Shea Moisture “Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque.” If there is one product that I can assure you your natural hair would love, it will be this one. I apply this product right after shampooing and I put on a plastic cap and let her run around or watch TV for 20 minutes before rinsing it off. Her hair is always super moisturized after this treatment and it smells great.

Deep conditioner for natural hair


I rarely use a detangler on wash day, I mostly use it when styling her hair between washes. I do recommend detangling on wash day if your child needs it. The Soultanical “Knot Sauce” is the only detangler I have ever used on Diari’s hair, which should tell you how much the product works for me.

Natural hair Detangler


Leave-in conditioners are super important because natural hair tends to dry easily, so after every deep conditioner, I go in with either the Shea Moisture “Strengthen and Restore Leave-in Conditioner” or the As I Am “GroYogurt” leave in conditioner. Using a leave-in adds shine and makes Diari’s hair healthier. It can smooth out frizz and make natural hair smooth as well.

Natural Hair Products

For styling, I use Shea Moisture “Curl Enhancing Smoothie” and Pantene “Intense Hydrating Oil.” While the first product brings her curls back to life, the second one makes sure that her hair stays hydrated and locks in moisture. Lastly, I use Murray’s Edgewax to slay those edges. What I like about this specific edge control is that it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and it leaves Diari’s hair sleek and moisturized.

Natural Hair Care Products


I recently started using Wild Growth hair oil and I have honestly seen some pretty impressive changes in Diari’s hair. Most importantly, it seems to be growing a lot faster. I use it once a week and massage it on her scalp.

Hair Growth product

If you are still reading, then you are a real trooper (and probably a mom with a natural-haired little one)!


1. Create a routine and stick with it

2. Wash your child’s hair every 2 weeks

3. Moisturize daily… again, MOISTURIZE DAILY

4. When choosing products, make sure one of the first ingredients is water

5. Find something to distract your child with, it will make wash day fun

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