Boram Postnatal Retreat: Everything a Postpartum Mom Deserves


Boram Postnatal Retreat

A Postnatal Stay at Boram

One of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten after having a baby was a 5-day stay at Boram Postnatal Retreat. This time around, I was really worried about experiencing postpartum depression in the early stages. I’ve had so many changes and responsibilities in my life lately that I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle being a mom of three, especially since my last baby was four years ago

Originally I had canceled my stay at Boram because I thought it would be too much to manage  so soon after delivery. But, when I came home from the hospital, the decision became clear that I need to do this because things got overwhelming immediately.

When you have a baby, it’s all about baby. Even though my amazing mom and sister came to help me, I was still drowning. I wasn’t eating three meals a day; I would stay in bed all day because I wasn’t getting sleep at night; I was snappy from the lack of sleep; and I was always trying to clean because I hated seeing my house messy even though I didn’t have the energy.

Postpartum should be about Baby and Mom

Boram makes you step away from the fact that you have to be a mom to a whole family, a maid to your house, a chef in order to eat and everything in between.

Boram took care of ME. Not only did they provide wonderful care to my baby (which allowed me to have mental peace) but they also provided me with the support I needed to feel good (physically, emotionally, and even socially, postpartum). 

I got to indulge in things that I like, I got rest. Boram helped me actually hang out with baby one-on-one without the stress of home on my mind. That’s a gift that will stay with me forever.

What is Boram Postnatal Retreat?

Okay, so what is Boram? The Boram Postnatal Retreat is a nurturing and empowering space designed exclusively for postpartum moms to rest, heal, and replenish their physical and emotional well-being. It provides a supportive environment where women can embrace motherhood and receive personalized care to foster their recovery. The retreat offers so many services and amenities, each serving a specific purpose in the overall well-being of the new moms. Some of my personal favorites included: 

  • 24/7 nursery with professional staff and cameras 
  • 3 balanced meals a day for mom
  • New knowledge (people think because you’re a third time mom you know everything. I learned so much on this journey. Boram has given me tools that make me feel like my breastfeeding experience will be successful for the first time) 

Boram Expert Guidance and Support

At the Boram Postnatal Retreat, skilled professionals, including midwives, lactation consultants, and therapists, are readily available to offer guidance and support to new mothers. These experts provide essential information on breastfeeding, baby care, and emotional wellness. This personalized attention ensures that each mom’s unique needs are addressed, empowering them to feel more confident and capable in their new roles. If I didn’t have the energy to attend the group class, an instructor would come to my room and give me a personal lesson! I was shocked by that. 

Rest and Recovery

Like I said, when I came home, I was drained and overwhelmed. Postpartum moms often experience fatigue because of the sleepless nights but also just the physical demands of childbirth and motherhood. Boram’s serene ambiance and comfortable accommodations allow mothers to rule rest without worrying about household chores and other responsibilities. Being out of my house was probably the best thing I could do for myself. Getting good rest is actually crucial for healing and having a faster recovery after childbirth. So although you think you can just push through the discomfort, you’re more likely to feel like yourself sooner if you take it easy. 

Nutritious Meals

At the Boram Postnatal Retreat, one of the highlights is the nutritious meals prepared three times a day with new moms in mind. I can’t remember the last time I ate so consistently and so well. We always hear about how a balanced diet with essential nutrients is good for moms. But it’s really not something that’s easy to do. I definitely saw the benefits though, both in my energy levels and my mood.

How Boram Supports Your Emotional Well-Being

On top of all the physical pain and demands, the postpartum period can be emotionally challenging. And honestly, that part is even less talked about. Your hormones are fluctuating and the demands of motherhood take a toll. Boram definitely acknowledges this part of postpartum too. They offer counseling sessions and group discussions, which are a safe space for moms to share their experiences and feelings with others who can relate. These emotional support services are everything when it comes to making you feel less alone. 

Boram Anywhere

Boram is so committed to your health and well-being that the care doesn’t stop with your stay. The Boram staff truly cares and they check on you and baby even after you leave. Boram Anywhere provides you with a virtual postnatal coach who can help you navigate the stage of motherhood you are in. They provide tips, resources, lactation support, emotional support and so much more. I had a check in session a couple weeks after I got home and it was so nice. I felt supported and I was able to ask a ton of questions. 

Best of all, you don’t have to stay at Boram to take advantage of Boram Anywhere. Any mom can get a Boram Anywhere support package. They have support levels and price points to meet different needs. I recommend this if the Boram stay is out of reach. With that said, let’s talk about how we can learn from Boram even if we don’t stay at Boram. 

Replicating Postnatal Care at Home

Okay, now don’t get me wrong, I know that not everyone can access a specialized postnatal retreat. I really wanted to share this experience because I want more moms to know about it. For everything it provides, Boram is honestly worth every penny. If you can, I would encourage you to ask family and friends to donate to a Boram experience instead of gifts you may not use. Also, reach out to Boram just to find out what your options are. I can’t say enough goof things about it. 

One thing I learned from Boram though, is that there are still some aspects of the unique Boram experience that can be adapted and implemented at home to support your postpartum. So I wanted to share some ways that I plan to keep my Boram experience going at home and you can too:

1. Set Boundaries and Delegate Responsibilities

Family and friends can help with household chores and baby care. I know everyone wants to come hold they baby and they think that’s helping you. But of course, you’re happy yo cuddle your baby; you just don’t want to do the dishes. Well, tell them that. Especially the ones you are close to. Establishing boundaries and accepting help allows new moms to prioritize their well-being and focus on recovering and bonding with their newborn.

2. Create a Restful Environment

Make sure that your home environment is as calm as possible. Create a designated resting space where you and baby can relax and unwind without distractions. Whether it’s a rocking chair in baby’s room or a spare bedroom or even a corner on the couch, get all your necessities nearby so you can sit in one place for as long as possible. 

3. Prioritize Nutritious Meals

Prepare or arrange for healthy and filling meals that support postpartum recovery. I myself didn’t really take this seriously, but I saw the impact it had on me during the day-to-day. Look into meal trains, food gift card donations from family, or meal plans like Factor. If you have someone that can meal prep for you or help you meal prep, that can be a good way to have food on hand too.