Baby #3: It’s True, Every Pregnancy is Different


New Baby, New Pregnancy

Baby #3 is here and they are making their mark on our little family! My husband and I definitely wanted a third baby. But I wasn’t really planning on getting pregnant right now. My goal was to wait a few months and try in 2023, but everything happens for a reason! I was kind of in denial about it at first. I only took a pregnancy test because I was feeling weak and tired all the time.

One day in particular, I was in the shower and I almost fainted. I was light-headed and dizzy and I had to sit down. That’s when I realized something might be going on. I took three pregnancy tests and each one was more clear than the last lol! Immediately, I realized that I was on another pregnancy journey and I started thinking about all the things I should start doing. Here are some symptoms, tips, baby buys and other things that I have learned from this pregnancy and my first two. If you are on this journey too or you’re starting your pregnancy journey soon, I wish you the best of luck, mama!

Baby #3 Symptoms

They say that every baby (and every pregnancy) is different and that has definitely been true for me with Baby #3. I have experienced so many new symptoms this time that I did not with my first two. Here’s a list of everything I’ve been managing and some information about how some of the symptoms have been affecting me.

My Top 4 Symptoms

Extreme Nausea

Nausea is one of the worst pregnancy symptom to me. You feel sick but you can’t do anything about it. I almost prefer throwing up because at least I feel better after. Nausea just stays with you. With Baby #3, I have had terrible nausea. I wasn’t able to leave the house for weeks because of it.


I finally started throwing up and, yes it was nice to get rid of the nausea for a little while. But vomiting is extremely painful so it’s not really a win lol.


Peeing induced by throwing up is a thing. If you haven’t heard of this, it’s normal to pee when you throw up because the force is so strong. *Tip: Keep a change of clothes in your car and pads in case this happens while you’re out.


This symptom is absolutely disgusting. It’s annoying because I always have the urge to spit, no matter what I do. I was shocked by this but apparently this is a pregnancy symptom some women experience so don’t feel bad if you do!

My Other Baby #3 Symptoms

  • Heartburn
  • Acid reflux
  • Migraines
  • Insomnia
  • Body Aches 
  • Light headed and dizziness due to not being able to keep food in
  • Dehydration
  • Constipation

Pregnancy Tips

Find the Right Doctor for YOU

This is one of my biggest recommendations. Remember that doctors are service providers just like other people. You go to a hair stylist you trust, a nail tech you like, or a Your doctor shouldn’t be any different. You deserve to have a physician that you trust, that you like, and that you feel comfortable around. So get online and research providers.

Here are some keys to keep in mind for this: 1. Many hospitals are now posting videos of doctors so you can hear them talk and get to know them a little. 2. Many hospitals have nurse or care navigator phone lines that you can call and they will help you find a doctor near you that meets the qualities you are looking for. 3. Your insurance provider also has a list of doctors that you can see and that are covered by your plan. 4. If you want a doctor from a specific race or cultural background, there are websites for that too. 5. Check Facebook for mommy groups in your area because you will find that many people discuss who the best doctors are in your City. 6. Keep in mind that you want an OB doctor for pregnancy. We hear OB/GYN lumped together but they are two different specialties. Some doctors are just GYN doctors (or gynecologists) which means they care for women’s general reproductive health. They don’t provide care for pregnancy and they don’t deliver babies. So look for a doctor who is an OB or and OB/GYN. Just make sure the OB part is in their title.

Call a Doctor Immediately

As soon as you find out that your are pregnant (or that you want to get pregnant) call a doctor. Hopefully, you already have your OB/GYN lined up. Make sure you know the date of your last period or close to it. And insist on getting seen as soon as possible.

Use MyChart

MyChart is a patient care portal that many providers use now so that you have access to your medical information, test results, and chat with your care team. It’s a great tool and I recommend downloading the app. Talk to your doctor about getting set up if you need help. This is really useful when you’re having a symptom that you want to talk about. You just go into your MyChart and message your doctor. Usually your doctor or a nurse will get back to you within 48 hours. *Additional tip: Ask for the nurse triage line phone number so you know who to call in case of emergencies.

Eat Bland Foods

If you suffer from nausea and vomiting, one thing that can help is eating bland foods. For me personally, I have relied on grits and oatmeal to keep food in my stomach. Flavor was making me vomit the first two months.

Talk to Your Doctor about Working from Home

If you are working hybrid or fully in-office, especially post-pandemic, you may be able to ask your doctor for a note to work from home. Like I mentioned earlier, the nausea and vomiting that I was suffering from had be sick and bed-ridden for weeks. I couldn’t find the strength to leave my bed, let alone my house. So I talked to my doctor and she was able to write a note that allowed me to work from home for a few weeks. It helped me so much. *Another side note: If your doctor won’t do things like this for you no matter how sick you are or they downplay your feelings/experience, get a new doctor. Like I said, doctors are service providers. The same way you would get a new stylist if she ripped out your edges, you should get a new doctor if your voice isn’t heard.

Accept Help

One of the hardest things about pregnancy is feeling powerless when you’re used to doing it all. It is okay to accept help, mama. In fact, you need to. And if not for you, then do it for your body and your baby. My mom came down to take care of me; I had amazing people picking up my kids from school and giving them baths; and my people also helped with grocery shopping. You deserve the help.

And if you don’t have a community to help you, you still deserve support. Take advantage of delivery services like Shipt (it’s $99 for a year membership), do grocery pick up for free where you order your items online and pick them up without leaving your car, use Uber to help you pick up your kids on the days you feel really bad (sit in the back seat and go with the driver to get them). I know that these services all cost money – I hope they can help when you’re in a pinch. If you cannot afford services like these, there may actually be free services available to you. Check your State’s Medicaid for Pregnancy program. You may be eligible for many free services you wouldn’t even think of, even a doula, lactation services, and parenting classes.

Have mint or gum handy to help with nausea

This is a great, “home” remedy for nausea. Having mint or gum can calm symptoms of nausea and help you feel a little better. Keep some in your bag, your car, at work – everywhere you can.

Nausea medicine from doctor

Don’t suffer from nausea just because it’s “normal” for pregnant women to have nausea. For one, there are severe cases of nausea – not all nausea is normal. Second, there are medications and treatments that can help now! You don’t have to suffer in silence.

Don’t fight what your body is telling you

Because we’re so used to go-go-go, we have a tendency to ignore the signs our body gives us during pregnancy. If you’re body is saying nap, you should find time to get some sleep. If you feel hunger, feed your body. I know it’s hard to do that with all of your other responsibilities, but your pregnancy body is not as forgiving as your old one. If you fight the urge to sleep, at some point during the day, you will crash. If you don’t eat, you will start seeing stars and be ready to fight everyone in your way lol. So listen to your body.

Be patient with yourself.

Try not to despair. It’s really easy to get depressed in pregnancy because you’re sick all the time. But everything passes and you will get through this.

Remember: Your body is the perfect home for your baby. We have been growing and birthing babies for hundreds and thousands of years. We didn’t have any of the fancy vitamins, tools, or tests that we have now. All of those things are a bonus. You are everything your baby needs. Don’t ever feel like you’re not doing enough. Reframe your thinking to “I want to do this in addition to what my body already knows to do.” Everything you do is a bonus and if you forget today, do it tomorrow.

Helpful Pregnancy Purchases

Prenatal Vitamins

If you’re like me, finding the right prenatal vitamins is stressful, especially because there are so many available. Here is the one I decided on: One A Day® Prenatal Advanced Complete Multivitamin with Brain Support. You can get it at just about any grocery store or pharmacy and even online. I chose this one for several reasons but I’ll just tell you what I kept in mind so that you can research and make your own decisions.

Here are my tips: 1. Gummy vitamins seem great but it turns out they don’t have iron in them, which you really need for pregnancy. 2. Compare the recommended amount of nutrients to the amount in the vitamins you want. 3. Consider the additional ingredients in a vitamin and what purpose they serve. 4. Consider the way you take the vitamin (meaning: can you take pills? and if not, are you okay with them if they are crushed up?).

Pregnancy Pillow

A pregnancy pillow is especially helpful towards the end of pregnancy when your belly is huge. But there are so many benefits to having it early. Since I have been bed-ridden the first few weeks of this pregnancy, I was getting really uncomfortable in bed. My pregnancy pillow has been great for me! There are C-shaped and U-shaped. I’ve had both and really like both. *Side note: You can also just get extra pillows for your bed to put your feet up!

Telling Baby #3 News to My Family

When I first found out that I was pregnant, I was really emotional! It was a mix of feelings, but truthfully some of it was sadness. I say that because I want it to be normal for us to be able to admit that we’re not always excited or happy about being pregnant. And you can still love your baby and be grateful for your baby.

When my husband got home, I just handed him the pregnancy test. He was SO happy, much happier than I was lol. And he helped me process my own emotions. We celebrated together and we agreed to wait to tell the girls. Well…we did wait a few weeks to tell the them but once I started throwing up and the girls were witnessing that, we decided to tell them that “mommy has a baby in her belly” so they wouldn’t worry. They were SUPER excited and they have been calling him their “baby brother.”

We’re not sure whether we’re having a boy or girl yet but I am super excited to share this journey with you all!