Ten Quarantine Tips for Couples


While most of us see our partner everyday, this quarantine is the first time we’re home together day in and day out. I thought it would drive me crazy but it’s actually been really fun! Here are some quarantine tips for couples to make the most of your time together instead of arguing and getting annoyed with each other (you’ll probably do that too, though).

1. Movie Nights

Put the kids to bed early, have a nice dinner, and hang out in front of the TV. A lot of the movies that were supposed to come out in theaters are now available on Amazon Prime. Yesterday, hubby and I rented the Invisible Man. We plan to watch Bloodshot next. But we’re also into a lot of shows together as a couple like Hawaii 5-0 and All Rise. Some of our Netflix, Hulu, and Prime titles that we’ve either watched or are planning to soon:

Netflix: • Malcom X • Containment • Self-Made

Hulu: • For Life • New Amsterdam • 911 • The Good Doctor

Amazon Prime: • Jack Ryan • Bloodshot • Invisible Man

2. Learn What Your Partner Enjoys

If your partner likes video games, commit to finding a game you both like and play together. You don’t have to love the same things, but as a couple, it’s a good way to spend time together and get to know each other better.

3. Play Games

Here are some board games you can order online. And there are a lot that you can just download as an app on your phone like HeadsUp and Houseparty.

Spouse-Ology – The Couples Game With Hilarious Questions

Love Language: The Card Game

Truth or Dare for Couples and other games

Artagia Date Night Box Set

4. Talk About Your Relationship

I told you that you’ll still argue a little bit lol. No but seriously, this is a good time to get into the details you normally can’t without fighting. I realize that the only time we talk about our relationship is when we’re angry about something and that just doesn’t work. We communicate best when we’re not arguing. Create a calm, safe space one night where you have a good dinner, a nice movie maybe, and then when you’re relaxed on the couch or wherever, just make a suggestion that you guys work on your relationship. Some topic ideas: things that you appreciate and versus what you don’t; how certain situations made you feel; ask how you can make your partner feel more listened to in your relationship. Most importantly, avoid making this an argument. Focus on “I” and “me” statements instead of pointing blame with “You” statements.

5. Think of Business Ideas

This is a big one for us. We both have our own domains but think of everything we could accomplish together. Talk about each other’s dreams and goals individually, as a family, and as a couple. What do we want to accomplish? And more importantly, how can we accomplish it?

6. Give Each Other Space

While we’re quarantined in the house, we are all up in each other’s space all the time. Couples fight so it’s very important not to step on each other’s toes. You don’t have to be under each other every moment of the day. Thankfully, we have more space in this house than we did with any of our old apartments. So sometimes one of us will go upstairs in the loft or something while the other one hangs out downstairs. Even when we had a smaller space, one of us could be in the bedroom while the other was in the living room.

7. Eat Together

With the fast-paced day-to-day activities, we never really get to eat together. Our schedules are so different; I’m up by 5am while my husband and the kids don’t leave the house until about 9am. Then when I get home at 6pm with the kids, we have to wait for daddy until 8 or 9pm. These days, though, we’re all here and I actually kinda love it. I’ve been making an effort to make a simple breakfast and easy dinners that we can all enjoy together. We sit at the table, share stories, and laugh. Sometimes we put the kids to bed early so we can have dinner just the two of us as a couple.

8. Cook Together

Depending on the couple, either only one person cooks all the time or you both cook sometimes. I’m the chef in my family but I have to give my husband props because there are some dishes that he does really well. So every now and then, we will find something to do together just to spend time in the kitchen working around each other.

9. Take a Social Distancing Walk

I’ve actually been loving walking around our neighborhood. It’s not that we don’t usually have time, but with work and the kids, we’re usually too to do so. Plus it’s been cold out so we’re just now getting into Spring. This is a nice way to get out of the house. If we see another couple coming down the street, we just wave and take a detour or wait for them to pass (responsibly social distancing)!

10. Sex is Healthy and Fun

We don’t talk about it much but this is probably the best quarantine tip for couples! This is a good time to be cuddled up. We act like sex is this taboo topic but it’s not! So I’m gonna talk about it. Don’t be surprised or offended if you see a whole blog post dedicated to sex soon LOL! But seriously, it helps your mood, it brings partners closer, and makes a relationship more intimate. Sex is not just for making babies, it’s for pleasure too (yes, even for women)!