Turban Tutorial: My Everyday Pinless Style


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As my brand name suggests, turbans are a big part of my life! I choose not to show my hair, but I love fashion, so turbans are a way for me to express my personal style. What I love most about turbans is that they are versatile and can be worn by anyone. Some people will tell you that only Muslim women wear turbans, but that is not the case. Head coverings have been used within many cultures, especially African cultures, for centuries. Here’s my take on an everyday turban style that is effortless and fashionable.

Tips for Making this Style Yours


1. Do your own thing
We have different head shapes and different tastes; it’s up to you to own this style in a way that works for you.

2. Use your own scarves
You don’t have to know which scarf I used so that you can go buy it. Any rectangular scarf will work. If you like floral print scarves, use a floral print scarf, girlfriend!

3. Accessorize it
I love to wear big hoop earrings with this turban style. If that’s not your thing, use long earrings or no earrings. Add a statement necklace or a lace headband. Whatever floats your boat and already lives in your jewelry box.

4. Have fun with it
For some of us, turbans represent religion; for others, they represent culture; and sometimes they are just a fun, easy style for fashion sake. All of these are good reasons to rock a turban. Do you, boo!

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Scarves I love

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