The Disney Wish Cruise Line: Is It Worth It?


Disney Wish Cruise Line

What makes the Disney Wish Cruise Line special? 

Have you seen that commercial that goes “when in doubt, go to Disney, when sad, go to Disney; when happy, go to Disney; and if you’re celebrating, definitely go to Disney” on tv? Well I couldn’t agree more! The new Disney Wish Cruise Line is all of the magic of Disney packed into a cruise experience that also lets you enjoy the Bahamas. While you’re on the ship, you have everything you could want from unlimited food, Disney character shows and dress up, spacious rooms, activities for everyone, and the coolest on-ship water slide you’ve ever seen.

You’re probably wondering if this experience is worth it when you could just go to a Disney park, especially if you’re nervous about cruise ships like me. But I can tell you that we had the time of our lives! And in this post I’m sharing everything that made our experience incredible as well as some tips on making the most out of your Disney Wish experience.

The family and I have been lucky to have a Disney experience three times now and each time we have had so much fun. The Disney Wish Cruise Line experience is a special one though. A few weeks ago, Fatima and I went on the mommy-and-me adventure of a lifetime aboard the new Disney Wish. Like I mentioned, I am someone who is nervous about cruises and open water, but the Disney Wish takes everything into consideration to make you feel welcome and excited but also safe.

The Disney Wish sets sail from Cape Canaveral, Florida. You stay one night in Florida before the adventure starts. And then The Wish travels to Disney’s Castaway Cay in the Bahamas and Nassau for some off-ship fun. 

The Disney Wish Dining Experience 

There are seven restaurants on the Disney Wish. The most popular are the themed banquet halls. The Arendelle is Frozen-themed and World of Marvel is Avengers-themed. But the food is amazing in both halls and they make the families a part of the experience with dinner shows. One thing I didn’t expect was to enjoy the food on the ship as much as I did. You all know I’m a true foodie and I love a good meal. From Nordic-inspired food to African cuisine and Michelin-star quality, The Disney Wish will easily have you gaining a few pounds. 

The Disney Wish is also considerate of parents so you can find spaces exclusively for adults. For dining, parents can eat at The Rose lounge; Palo Steakhouse; and Enchanté without the theatrics or our screaming kids! 

What are some of the top experiences on the Wish? 

  • STEAM Activities (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) with characters from their favorite Disney movies like Frozen, Avengers, Beauty and the Beast, and so many more. Kids can do awesome things like creating their own roller coaster or learning how their favorite rides work.
  • Two movie theaters so you can enjoy all your Disney favorites! 
  • An on-board water roller coaster ride called The AquaMouse! This was such a cool experience.
  • Nine pools with one being an adult-only.
  • The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique where kids can get transformed into their favorite Disney characters (this was Fatima’s favorite activity!) 
  • The included childcare is one of the best parts of the voyage for parents! You can leave your kids (of all ages) safely for a short break and rest assured that they are having their own fun. Some of the different care centers are even open late if you want to enjoy some of the later evening activities!  
Disney Wish Cruise Line

What are some tips for sailing on the Disney Wish?

  • Don’t freak out about phone or internet connectivity; you will have access to your phone and wifi for your computer. It’s not the strongest because you’re out at sea but it definitely gets the job done. My cousin had to work while we were traveling and she was able to stay in the room and work. Also, your phone is super important on the cruise anyway because the Wish integrates some of your experience with your phone. For example, the Navigator app is really helpful for getting around the huge cruise, planning your schedule, and making reservations. 
  • One way to save money is to book one of the cheaper rooms without windows. The reality is, all of the rooms are beautiful and you won’t be spending much time in them anyway. So if your budget needs a little more room, consider giving up the ocean-view in exchange for another night on the cruise or something similar.
  • Because you come back through Florida, you can actually enjoy a trip to the Disney Theme park in Orlando too!
  • Get your vaccinations in advance. We were required to have both rounds of our vaccinations and the two week post-vaccine period to get on onboard as well as COVID tests (even the kids). These requirements may change over time so make sure to check early before booking. 

How much does the experience cost?

The cost breakdown of the Disney Wish experience is based on how many nights you want to sail, the number of guests you have, and the kind of room you choose. Based on the website (which is where you would book your trip), the cost of a three-night, two guest, inside room (meaning no windows) is $1,751. An ocean-view room for the same guests and nights is $1,925. If you want a room with a veranda, that will cost $2,153. And if you really want to be fancy, you can get the concierge room for $5,843. For an extra night, expect to spend about $200-$500 more for these rooms. 

For those of you traveling as a group or who simply have lottery money and would like the ultimate Disney Wish experience, there is the Moana-themed Wish Tower Suite and it costs about $30,000! It is a splurge but it is the true definition of “you get what you pay for.” It is a two-story suite with everything you would need for a family vacation – it is fully equipped with two bedrooms, a kids room with bunk beds, four full bathrooms and one half bath, a library (?!) and a dining room for meals. And if you don’t want to take the stairs, guess how you get up and down the two floors? An elevator! If you plan to book this suite, please take me with you and then consider adopting me! 

Is The Disney Wish Worth It? 

The best thing about the Disney Wish is that (like most Disney experiences), it’s not just for kids! As a parent, I had an amazing time – I was impressed from start to finish. And I didn’t feel like I was just in a kids wonderland. The Disney Wish makes every effort to make every passenger feel like they’re having the time of their life. I would highly recommend it and I can’t wait to go on again.

Disney Wish Cruise Line