Spicing Up Date Night in The Perfect Little Black Dress


The Little Black Dress

When it comes to getting dressed up, men have it so easy! They throw on a tux or some dress pants and a nice tie with a good pair of shoes and they’re set. Meanwhile for us ladies, getting dressed up can be a hassle. We can have a thousand choices and still struggle with the right outfit that makes us look and feel good. One thing that never fails is finding the perfect little black dress (LBD) for your body and your date night!

Introducing the L B D

Yes, the little black dress is real and it saves wardrobes. Thanks to Madame Coco Chanel, we have a classic style for any occasion. The little black dress is all about simplicity, femininity, necessity, wearability, and versatility.  The little black dress is also about making it easier to put something on our bodies and wear it with pride. We always hear that the little black dress is a staple in any closet, so it’s time to get one, ladies! You can dress it up or dress it down, wear it to any event, and feel good in it.

How to Style Your LBD

Fun Accessories: I’m all about accessorizing my LBD. I like to play with different turban styles and colors as well as bold earrings. Sometimes I go all black and other times I add colorful pieces to my LBD.

Sexy Shoes: Depending on the style of your little black dress, you can wear all kinds of shoes with it. When I’m dressing my LBD in the Fall months, I like to pair it with boots for the style. On date night, though, I pull out my stilettos or my pumps. Go black or go bold! The choice is yours.

Fierce Nails: A set of fierce nails can be the little pop of color to any LBD, whether you go for a simple color or a hand full of fancy designs.

Poppin’ Makeup: I love to beat my face! Witha LBD on date night, a fierce face can go well with your outfit. You can even do a natural makeup look with light foundation, simple eyebrows, and a bit of mascara to complete your look.

Gorgeous Confidence: This is your most important feature. Period. Don’t forget it!

Be You, Be Bold, Be Confident

Don’t be afraid of your body; wear your little black dress with pride! Whether you’re a curvy girl, pear-shaped, petite or any of the other hundreds of women’s body shapes, you are uniquely you and your confidence is your best asset. It’s okay if your tummy shows a little or your thighs are plump. What matters is that you are comfortable and confident in your skin. Let your little black dress show off your amazing qualities, not hide your flaws.

And remember, date night is about you and your date. So if your date has a problem with any of your flaws, they weren’t for you anyway, sis!

Work That Black Dress!