Pregnancy Fashion: Dressin’ Up My Lil’ Bump



Dressing Up While Pregnant

One of the hardest parts about pregnancy is finding and keeping your confidence. Nine times out of ten, I feel like crap so pregnancy fashion is the last thing on my mind. My head is killing me, my back hurts, my body doesn’t feel like it’s mine, and I’m so tired. So my natural instinct is to wear the most comfortable thing I can find. I’m grabbing my big sweater, my sweatpants, and some slipper shoes. but that doesn’t always do the best for my confidence.

It’s funny because, being a blogger, I never think of myself as someone people might recognize. But every now and then, I’ll be out and about, and someone will say, “Hey look, it’s Tales and Turbans!” When I’m in my ugly sweater, all I wanna do is hide!

Balancing Cute & Comfy

I’m realizing that I have to find a balance. Pregnancy is hard, so I’m not always gonna look like I’m stepping on a runway. It’s honestly too much work, and I can’t afford to put that pressure on myself all the time. But it’s great to look and feel my best every now and then, just to remind myself that I’m more than my little pregnancy bump!

I love this part of pregnancy because I’m finally starting to look pregnant and not like I just ate a big lunch! My belly is kind of like an accessory now, so I just have to make sure that I accept it and work with it instead of trying to hide it. I’m loving the “you’re glowing” comments, so please keep ’em coming!

This weekend, I went out to brunch with my girls. Since nothing in my closet seems to fit my pregnant belly, I ran to the mall and found a simple dress and some cute block heels. I love dressin’ up my bump in a loose-fitting dress because it gives me the best of both worlds – cute and comfy (that’s what pregnancy fashion should be about). A nice short heel also gives me a little height without hurting my feet. My big secret to wearing heels while pregnant, though, is to pack a pair of flats in my bag/car. As far as my turban goes, I have to make sure I keep it wrapped lightly because my headaches can be blinding. The reality is, I’m pregnant, so I have to make it work somehow – symptoms and all!

Maternity Dressimg_1155

Pregnancy Fashion Tips & Tricks

  • Use what you have until it no longer fits.
  • Don’t spend a ton of money on maternity clothes (especially if you plan on going back to your pre-baby body).
  • Go for dresses that are easy to wear yet comfortable (such as the one I’m wearing).
  • It’s not easy to find stylish maternity outfits, so go for regular outfits but bigger sizes.
  • Don’t feel bad when you are not always your best. Pregnancy doesn’t come with a fashion budget, or an on/off button for your pregnancy symptoms. So go easy on yourself.
  • Always keep extra (comfy) clothes and shoes with you in case of emergencies!

Fall fashion Maternity Dress


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What are some of your favorite pieces to wear with your bump? How do you make cute and comfy work? Do you wear heels sometimes or is that too big of a risk? Comment below and let me know what you think of this look!