Modest Holiday Fashion Guide


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Modesty is in Season

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Modest Holiday Fashion
Rules to Dress By

Dress in Dresses

Dresses make life so much easier, but they can seem strange in the winter. Add some tights underneath to keep you warm, and go to town girlfriend! Explore different dresses this holiday season, from elegant to simple, and dress it up.

Layer Up

First of all, it’s cold outside! But layering up can also be a fun way to make a one dimensional outfit more classy and complex. Throw on a cardigan or a scarf to fit the season.

Pop in Color

I love neutrals as much as the next girl, but with the gloom of the winter season, sometimes greys and blacks can bring your mood down. Add in some colorful accessories to your outfits.

Flawless Face

Take care of your skin, mamas. Particularly for those of us that love makeup, winter can be harsh on the skin. Remember, makeup is only is beautiful as the canvas you put it on!

Coat it Right

One thing I hate is putting effort into an outfit, only to have to hide it under an ugly coat. It’s important to layer up in the cold so invest in some functional, and pretty coats this holiday season

Accessorizing Simplicity

Sometimes, simple outfits are the way to go. Comfort and cute all in one package. Make a simple outfit pop just by adding the right finishing touches:

Clutch Bags

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Statement Earrings

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Bold Nails

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