Insurance Pays for Breast pumps! Ask Aeroflow.


SURPRISE: Insurance Covers Breastpumps!

Pregnancy is expensive. Having kids is expensive. Starting a family is an expensive and scary process altogether. So what mom doesn’t want help finding affordable products like breast pumps and getting someone else to pay for them? There’s so many mommy and baby products on the market that it’s overwhelming. A lot of you have been reaching out to me saying things like, “Hey, I’m about to have a baby. What are some products I need to get?” or “Hey, where can I find this product?” I try to share my recommended items as much as I can (check out some of my baby essentials for Fatima), which is why I’m really excited to share my experience with Aeroflow Breast pumps.

You have your baby and you think the hard part is over. But then you realize that breastfeeding is a whole new struggle for you as a new mom. Breast pumps are pricey, but they are essential for many new moms. A lot of moms don’t actually know that breast pumps can be covered by insurance. 

How Can Aeroflow Help You?

Aeroflow Breast pumps makes the process quick and easy for moms. They take away the burden of “figuring it out.” They help you with everything from finding exactly the products you need, to filling out the claim forms for insurance to pay for your pump, and they’ll even retrieve all the necessary forms you may need from your doctor! Check out how easy they’ve made the Qualify Through Insurance form. Aeroflow’s shop selection includes breast pumps, breast pump bags, supplies and storage, cleaning supplies, accessories, apparel, and tools for mom (like nursing bras and nipple skin care) as well as baby (like bottles and feeding nipples). 

Breast pump accesories
lansinoh pump
Lansinoh Breast pumps

Aeroflow also helps you get maternity compression items like belly bands, compression socks and postpartum recovery garments. From essentials like milk storage bags and nursing pads, to pumping supplies and hands-free pumping bras, you can get it all when you place an order for your pump (and, you can pay for those supplies using your HSA/FSA dollars)!

I’m excited to give you my review of the breast pump I received through Aeroflow Breast pumps.  I am also linking some of the products I think would be great for all new moms. 

Mom Breastfeeding Baby

My Lansinoh Breast Pump

I tried out the Lansinoh Smartpump, which is an electric breast pump, and I absolutely love it. With Diari, I stopped breastfeeding around three months, even though I really wanted to keep at it. Diari stopped latching onto my breasts so of course, eventually, my milk dried. I think I struggled with stimulating my breasts because I didn’t have a good pump.

mom feeding newborn
mom pumping using breast pump

With Fatima, I set a goal to breastfeed at least nine months to a year, so I’ve been set on finding a pump that would make it easier to do that. The Lansinoh Smartpump is honestly  a lifesaver. It pumps almost exactly as if I was breastfeeding the baby for maximum comfort. It has so many other features you wouldn’t even think of. One thing that’s awesome is that you can keep a pumping schedule on your phone that helps you stay on track using the Lansinoh Baby App. You can also use your phone to print and save your schedule then send it to your doctor. At this rate, my doctor is gonna be hearing all about my breastfeeding journey!

With its three pumping speeds and eight levels of suction, I can breastfeed at my own pace. Best of all, I can take it anywhere because it’s super light and battery operated (I’m all about moms doing their breastfeeding journey wherever they are – don’t let anyone breastfeed shame you!!).

mom using breast pump

Take advantage of any and all resources you can find, ladies. Seriously, the struggle can be real but there are resources out there you just have to search for. Don’t hesitate to ask me questions about my experience, but also talk to the moms around you and find out what they know.

Share Your Journey

Share your experiences below! What’s your longest breastfeeding record? How was your breastfeeding journey? What are some things you wish you had known as a new mom?