Baby Products Recommendations List for the Millennial Mom


Recommendations for the Mom Who Already Has Kids or Has Never Had Kids

I am currently pregnant with my *third* baby and it is a learning curve I did not expect! My first two kids are three years apart and this one is four years from my last. So it has officially been seven years since my first pregnancy and so much has changed. The products and resources available to moms have expanded so much. My friend had her first baby last year and I was shocked as I watched her pull out gadgets that make life so much easier like car seat strollers, cord-free breast pumps, foldable playpens.

However, there’s also so much information out there now and it’s hard to know what actually works without asking someone who has personal experience. So I decided to interview my friend! I asked her about her favorite products and the stuff she regretted buying. For all the first, second, third-time moms or moms who just haven’t had a baby in a while, this is for us. I hope this helps! 

Baby Products I Loved • Made My Life Easier

Doona Carseat Stroller 

I can’t say enough good things about the Doona stroller. I know the price is high but trust me, it’s worth it. It’ll save you space, back pain, waking up baby to transfer to stroller, and so much more. 

Elvie Breast Pump 

If you plan to breastfeed and/or pump into a bottle, this is so valuable. I feel like it saved my breastfeeding journey, especially since I went back to work after a few months. There are more affordable options that have come up on the market since I had mine so feel free to compare. 

Oh and check out Aeroflow Breastpumps to get breastpumps covered by insurance. It’s reputable and it works. Put in your info and you’ll get a list of the different pumps along with information about how much your insurance covers for them. Some of them you can even get for free! Your insurance might even cover the Elvie (mine didn’t). Also, even if you do get the Elvie, I recommend still getting the free/cheaper breastpumps through insurance so you have options. 

Shirt Bib 

Now that my baby is older and eating solids, I love having a short bib. It makes meal time so much easier. I don’t have to worry about changing outfits after every meal and that saves me so much time and stress. I bought mine from IKEA but they’re on Amazon too!

My Brest Friend 

The Boppy Pillow is the most popular breastfeeding pillow on the market because it’s cute but it has *no* structure to it. The My Brest Friend is like having a table around your waist that you can literally lay baby on and rest while they’re feeding. It takes no support or strength from you and I love that.

Baby Chair 

I couldn’t wait to get our high chair set up. Just my luck, my baby hated it and it took up sooo much space. I will try again later but for when they first start sitting until they’re legs are too long for it, I would recommend these baby chairs. They’re easy, convenient, and compact. You can put them anywhere; the table, the living room, the counter. Safety recommendations are that you don’t leave baby in it for too long or put them in it before they can sit-up on their own. 

Pro-Tip: And on that note, with all of these devices, make sure you read up on the safety recommendations! 

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360 Car Seat 

We got this car seat to prepare for when he outgrew the Doona. It has really cool and practical swivel features; it’s nice quality; and it grows with them until they are 10. Again, check the safety features and reviews and make sure you’re using this as intended.

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Graco Crib Mattress 

I love this mattress. I tried two other mattresses and I didn’t think I would have strong feelings about something like a baby mattress. But there are definitely levels. This Grace mattress is thicker than the other two I tried and it just seems so much more comfortable. It’s perfect if you get a regular crib which are usually standard. For a speciality crib like a Nestig, they usually have their own mattresses that you can purchase with the crib.

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Foldable Playpen 

I did a loooot of research to find this one! It’s the only foldable playpen I found, which was important to me so I could easily put it away when needed. There might be more out there now but here’s the link I used!

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Glass Bottles 

I had always heard that glass bottles were more sanitary and easier to keep clean long term. I still bought some plastic Tommee Tipee bottles because they’re easier for baby to hold on his own but I really loved these glass ones throughout his newborn stage. Also, I just love Tommee Tipee bottles in general. 

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Avent Bottle Sterilizer

This is my favorite sterilizer. Most bottle sterilizers tend to be tall but we have a short microwave so this one was a great size for us. I put the bottles in, close it, and steam for about 4 minutes in the microwave. Now, there are definitely much fancier ones and you should check out all your options. But as far as cost-efficient yet still effective, this one is a winner for me.

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Baby Nail Filer 

This is not a necessity but makes nail clipping less stressful! My husband really loves this because he was terrified of the nail clippers. And baby used to sleep through the nail filing! It seems fast and loud at first but it does work

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Aquaphor Baby Ointment 

We used this for diaper cream instead of butt paste. I learned quickly that I hated butt paste. It’s thick, messy, and inconvenient. We use the aquaphor ointment and love it. He has never had a rash! EVER! Now…I did recently read that you don’t need to apply any ointment on baby when they do not have a rash. It was suggested that just wiping, drying, and applying a new diaper (unless they have a rash) is sufficient but I haven’t tried this method yet. 

Diaper Genie 

Listen, some people apparently say you don’t need this. I don’t know who those people are because this thing saves our house. Baby poop stinks! The diaper genie keeps the smell contained and therefore, it can go in any room. Love it and using it until the babies are out of diapers!

Dreft Laundry Detergent 

I did a lot of digging and heard that this is the best baby detergent. I had free and clear detergent the first month and I think that’s an option too! Some people say you can just use your regular detergent which I believe is true. But I liked having his own “baby” detergent.

Diaper Spatula 

Listen! I’m all about bougie tools that make my life easier. Diaper spatulas are amazing. We don’t have to dirty our fingers or risk baby getting an infection.  

Evelyn Bobbie Bras 

I got these bras for post baby. These are the best no wire bras I’ve tried and I recommend them to everyone. They actually support somehow. They’re pricey but they do go on sale often, which is when I bought most of mine. 

Check out

This is a great site for mommy needs at all stages. I recommend checking it out to see if there’s anything you’d like, especially the delivery items. 

Snuggle Me Organic Pillow 

You don’t need this *at all* but I loved mine lol! As always though, safety first.

Primary Onesies is a great site for toddler onesies. Of all the onesies I’ve tried, this is my favorite brand specifically for when baby gets longer and starts moving (around 9 months+). When they’re newborns, all onesies work, but once they get active, most onesies ride up and don’t cover their legs. These ones do.

Baby Products I Didn’t Need • Wish I Hadn’t Bought

High Chair 

Like I mentioned, I haven’t enjoyed it or used it yet but that might change soon!


I just used my phone!

Butt Paste!!! 

I just want to stress again that I hated it lol.

Most Baby Carriers 

I was really surprised by how much I did not like very popular carriers. I bought like four because I disliked one after the other. Now, I would recommend going into a store like Baby Depot to see if you can try on a few. I’m planning to try the Lalabu Baby Kerrier next round. 

Bath Toys 

Apparently traditional rubber bath toys grow mold inside so it is recommended to go with something open that you can see and clean. 

Favorite Baby Clothing Stores



Old Navy



Janie and Jack 

Books We Love

Grumpy Monkey! (Such a good series of books)

Ada Twist Scientist (and all the series) 

Brown Bear

A Bad Case of Stripes

Yoga Kids

The Word Collector

*Board books really are great for early reading

*We also got a library card immediately after baby was born and we go often 

Things I Wish I’d Gotten

  • Bedside bassinet
  • Lalabu Kerrier 
  • A Brazilian wax before I had baby so I could have been free for three months 😂 In all seriousness, it’s true that postpartum can consume you so everything you can do to prepare yourself for postpartum, do it. Get your nails, your hair, a facial for the hormone breakouts coming your way, and any other self care you can. Get it done as close to delivery as possible. That way after delivery, you’re not falling apart. My nails got sooooo long because I got them done a couple weeks before delivery and I didn’t have time or the desire to get them done postpartum. It took me a long time to get it together and I was fortunate not to be suffering from postpartum depression. Even the bliss can consume you!

Apps/Instagram Pages

Solid Starts (both the app and the page)

Kinedu (both the app and the page)




Ovia Pregnancy App 

Tips and Mantras

  1. You are everything your baby needs. Try (“try”) not to get too overwhelmed or ever feel like you’re not doing enough. I know there’s a lot of information and products out there. But we have been making and having babies before the Internet was every a thing. At one point, all baby had was you. So you are enough.
  2. Whether you choose to breastfeed or bottlefeed, crib sleep or bassinet sleep, daycare or homecare, organic or a french fry, your decision is the right one. And your baby will be fine. Again, if you look around, you’ll realize no one had all the answers and no one did it “right” but with love, all the babies turn out fine. 
  3. You deserve all of the “stuff” that makes your life easy. Moms deserve ease. I cannot stress this enough. Never feel guilty for getting and doing stuff for you.
  4. It’s true: everyone will have advice. Take it. Then keep what you want and throw away what you don’t. It doesn’t have to stress you when someone gives you advice. A simple “thank you” or “we’re gonna do it this way” can help you move on with your life. This is YOUR baby!

Happy Mommy-Ing ☺️