Tips On Dressing the Postpartum Body


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It’s a Postpartum Wrapback!

Postpartum life is not easy. Let’s just get one thing clear: this is not a snapback, this is a wrapback! I was joking with a girlfriend that these pictures make me look like I did the Beyonce (remember when she dropped two whole babies and came back slaying like she just bought them from the store??). Right, this is not that! This is a waist trainer tied around my waist since baby Fatima made her entrance into the world; this is spandex shorts on top of spandex tanks on top of spandex tights; this is suck-it-in until you hear the camera click! But honestly, this is also just finding the right clothes that fit my body post-pregnancy. I know it’s a struggle, but it is possible to feel and look good after making a human. So while postpartum life isn’t easy, there are ways to make postpartum fashionable.

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Dress the Bump

Finding postpartum clothes can be super hard, which is why dresses are my best postpartum friends. I love having one piece I can just throw on whether I’m home expecting company or running to doctor’s appointments with the bab(ies). I received these amazing pieces  from Banana Republic’s spring collection just before giving birth, but I wasn’t expecting to wear them for several months. I was surprised how great I felt and looked in them just one week after Fatima’s birth. Give yourself the credit you deserve postpartum – don’t be scared to try on different styles because you “feel” big and bloated. Sometimes it’s just in your head!

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Bellies Love Belts

The most insecure thing about our postpartum bodies is our bellies of course because, even though baby is born, most of the time, the belly is still there! Whether you’re wearing a nice loose trenchcoat or a flowy dress, belts give you your waist back! Even if it’s not as “snatched” as you want it to be right now, belts give our waist the shape we think we lost. Even a thin belt can help accentuate your curves.


Sexy Mama

You want to know the funny thing? The sassy attitudes from the little humans who ruined your body! Sometimes when Diari catches an attitude with me, I literally just sit back and look at her like – who does this little girl think she is? And does she know that my butt is five times bigger than it was before she was born?? Lol! That’s why I’m trying to find looks that make me feel like the sexy mama I am even after giving birth. Make sure you not only go for the looks that make you look great but also choose styles that make you comfortable. You will find that postpartum life is honestly quite uncomfortable, so choose wisely.

Be Patient With Yourself

Confidence doesn’t come from how we look or the way our clothes fit. I think it is important to remember that we carried a child for nine months and it may take even longer to get our bodies back so don’t let society pressure you into thinking that your postpartum body is supposed to look a certain way. What are some of your favorite tips for postpartum fashion? Do you go for the dresses or baggy boyfriend jeans and a t-shirt? Share your stories and maybe even a picture of your postpartum fashion!