The Samsung AirDresser: All the Ways it Can Benefit Your Life


Introducing the Samsung AirDresser

In the past, I’ve shared the importance of finding timeless clothing pieces and hanging onto them. It can be hard to take care of these pieces because a lot of times they’re made of special materials and are delicate. So you have to take them to the dry cleaners even after the shortest wear. If you’re like me, I hate doing laundry even when it includes going to the dry cleaners and as someone who suffers from hyperhidrosis, I really don’t have the luxury of wearing something twice. One thing I struggle with is keeping my clothes longer because they lose their quality when you wash or dry clean them too often.

I love appliances that make life easier and I really needed a solution for this. Samsung is well known for quality appliances and the new AirDresser is no exception! I’m always at the dry cleaners and doing loads and loads of laundry, which wears out of my clothes. The Samsung AirDresser gives new life to clothes that aren’t necessarily dirty but could use a quick refresh. It also takes care of delicate clothes that can’t go in the washer every day or at all. If you haven’t heard of it or you’re on the fence about it, here are some of the most important things you need to know about how the Samsung AirDresser can clean and care for your clothes and home.

It Saves You Money 

At a price point of $949, the Samsung AirDresser costs about the same price as other major appliances and it saves you so much money in the long run on dry cleaning.

It Deodorizes, Steams, and Disinfects

The AirDresser uses the power of steam to refresh clothing while relaxing light wrinkles. The sanitize feature is such a key aspect of the Samsung AirDresser, especially during these times. Place items in the AirDresser such as clothes, sheets, soft toys and with the AirDresser’s Sanitize cycle, high-temperature steam penetrates and sanitizes clothes, eliminating 99.9% of common bacteria and dust mites from fabric.* This is one of my favorite things about it.

The AirDresser also removes stubborn odors caused by sweat and food, which is a big part of getting more wear out of your clothes. You can even add your favorite dryer sheets to the cycle to freshen your clothes and reduce static.

It’s easy to use 

To use it, just plug the AirDresser into an outlet and fill it with your items. Hang your items on one of three Air Hangers or use the accessory shelf and the open space at the bottom for other items such as your kids’ soft toys. Replenishing the water is as easy as pouring into the refillable water reserve which means you don’t need to connect to a water line.

It connects directly to your phone 

You don’t have to wait around for cycles to finish and best of all, you’ll never forget a load again because you’ll get a notification to your phone.

You can use it for almost anything 

The Samsung AirDresser isn’t just for clothes. The great thing is you can throw in just about anything. Like your kid’s soft toys, just use the sanitize cycle for an extra clean boost.

The settings range from a quick 24-minute refresh to a thorough, sanitizing clean. There are 22 cycles to take care of any fabrics, including your delicates.

It has a Sleek Design 

The AirDresser’s sleek design allows you to place it anywhere in your house. It’s so beautiful, it looks like a piece of furniture. I opted to put mine in my bathroom because my closet is inside my bathroom so it makes for easy access to my clothes. It’s also super quiet so it doesn’t disturb us in our room at all.

It self-cleans every 40 loads

The AirDresser sends you a reminder after every 40 cycles that it’s time for a cleaning. And the best part is, you don’t have to do it!

The Samsung AirDresser is the new way to enjoy a quick, 24-minute refresh or a thorough, sanitizing clean right from the comfort of your home. I was so excited to learn about this and I’ve really enjoyed having it to help extend the life of my clothes. My hyperhidrosis doesn’t feel so overwhelming anymore. And best of all, I have the peace of mind of knowing my home and clothes are truly refreshed.

Based on testing by Intertek, using Normal cycle, eliminates 99% of isovaleric acid, 4-ethenylpyridine, valeraldehyde, and tetrachloroethylene.