Away luggage

Going AWAY® with the Family: Travel Tips and Tricks


Away luggage

Travel Tales: The Whole Family Edition

Traveling with kids is a different type of adventure and the right luggage can make a huge difference. Taking a trip with kids can make you question your whole existence. But when all is said and done, it’s a great way to make memories with your babies. We celebrated Diari’s first birthday in Cuba and everyone was so shocked that I was traveling with a baby. I posted the “Let’s Go To Cuba: Toddler Edition” blog post because I got so many questions about traveling with my daughter. Now that our little family has expanded, traveling together has become even more complicated so I feel like I should update you on traveling with the whole family. Last weekend, we took 3-month-old Fatima on her first trip. I know there are a lot of us that feel like this is impossible, but we can do it and it’s so worth it!

Having the right luggage, thanks to AWAY®, definitely made the trip easier and more enjoyable. I’ve been eyeing the AWAY® luggage sets forever. Diari and I got matching mommy-and-me luggages while we surprised Daddy with his own travel set. The different colors and sizes make it easy to customize for the whole family.

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Things We Love About AWAY®

  • The luggage looks beautiful. And the hardcase is conveniently sturdy.
  • The Kids’ Carry-On is literally one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life. And what’s amazing is that Diari can push it for herself. She loved it so much she tried to take it on her play date after we shot these pictures. This bag was basically made for this little diva.
    • Plus, even though it doesn’t look or feel like it, the kids’ carry-on is really spacious too. I fit all of Diari and Fatima’s stuff in Diari’s little luggage for our weekend trip to Chicago (which is saying a lot).
  • Even daddy loves his set. It’s the perfect travel combination which makes it a great gift for something like Father’s Day or a birthday. And I love the personal touch. I got Daddy’s luggage embroidered to say “JTM” – which means “Je T’aime” or “I Love You” in French.
  • All of the luggages roll easily because of the 360° spinner wheels. I think that’s why it was so easy for Diari to roll around. But it’s convenient for mommies too when you’re carrying babies and trying to run in an airport.
Away luggage

Tips and Tricks for Traveling with Kids

  • Always overpack. Traveling “light” works when you’re single and free. When you have kids, the dreams of stuffing everything in a backpack is no more! That was one of my favorite things about my AWAY® suitcase – it was huge and had all these spacious organization compartments. Keeping everything in order makes the trip less overwhelming.
  • Give the babies a bath and a good meal before leaving so they’re less restless. I do this every time I travel with the kids and it makes such a huge difference. They’re usually so much calmer and ready to sleep.
  • Bring things for them to do (activity books, coloring books, toys, iPads, etc.). The built-in portable charger that comes with the carry-ons is probably the best thing about the AWAY® luggages. I was so surprised that the kids’ carry-on has the battery too. At first I was like why would Diari need that? Then when Diari’s iPad started to die in the middle of our trip, I was thanking the AWAY® team the rest of the way.
    • Fun Tip: You can download their cartoons onto your device through the Netflix app and watch later without internet.
Away luggage

Other Things to Remember:

  • Bring snacks. For one, it keeps the kids busy and less antsy. But more importantly, you save so much money. Sitting in airports between flights and even stopping at gas stations on a road trip gets super expensive. Plan it out and avoid that stress.
    • Fun Tip: I usually put water in Fatima’s bottles so that I just have to pack formula in the exact amount I need for each bottle. That way, when it’s time for her to eat, I just pour the formula in and we’re good to go.
  • Let them binge! When traveling, I think it’s okay to let kids binge on things they usually don’t. I know we all want to monitor how much screen time our kids get, and how many snacks they eat, yada, yada, yada. But honestly, I think sometimes it’s okay to ease up, especially when traveling.
  • Carry on some of your essentials just in case. Check all your large luggage but keep a small bag with your basic essentials on you. Always pack extra outfits and small toiletries in your handbag or carry-on in case your luggage gets lost or delayed because, unfortunately, it happens).
    • I used daddy’s Everywhere Bag to carry some of Diari and Fatima’s essentials. Luckily, he still had enough space for his stuff too!
  • Most importantly, have fun! I know as moms we tend to stress about every detail. But remember, family trips are about making memories together. Ultimately, when your kids look back on it, they’re gonna think about the fun you had, not the little details we stress ourselves about.

This post was written in partnership with AWAY®. But, as always, I’m sharing my true thoughts and experiences with you. I hope you enjoyed!