Babymoon at the Conrad Indy


Prepping Our Marriage for Baby Number Two

I met my husband seven years ago. Since he lived in Indiana while I was in New York, we spent the first two years of our relationship getting to know each other over the phone. Needless to say, the first year of our marriage living together in one house was a rollercoaster. There were so many times I thought to myself, “I’m done, I can’t do this.” Now, as we get closer to five years of marriage, my husband and I have (almost) two kids together, a new home, and a million experiences that almost ended our marriage but turned into lessons instead. We’ve learned so much from each other, but the biggest lesson is that marriage is a choice and we have to choose to stay together every single day. As life changes around us, we have to improvise in order to keep up with all the changes. That’s why, with baby number two, we decided to get away for a babymoon together in our own city. I’m so glad we chose the Conrad Indy for our weekend escape.


Walking into the hotel lobby, I was amazed by the luxury all around me. For all the years I’ve lived in Indy, I always knew the Conrad was a big deal. I mean, huge celebrities stay at the Conrad whenever there’s an event in town. The location makes it the perfect place for exploring Indy, but just the design and the accommodations of the hotel makes you never want to leave. I was the most impressed by the concierge staff. Everyone wanted to take care of us, which is nice when you’re always taking care of a family, a house, and a full-time job.

Hubby is always busy, so having the Conrad so close to us was really helpful. It was basically like he was coming home when he got off work. He really loved that as soon as you pull up, the valet takes your car, gives you a ticket, and promises that anytime you need your car, you can just call them from your room or the front desk and they’ll bring it by for you. There was this one point when I realized I forgot my camera in the car. Guess what? The guys from valet ran all the way out to my car, looked for my camera, and brought it up to me. I just thought that was really cool of them. Having perks like that just makes the whole experience feel together.


Walking into our room which is one of four Suites on the 5th floor called the “Collection Suites”, we fell in love with the space. Seriously, the concept of the Collection Suites is really creative. What they’ve done is take four rooms and transform them into art-inspired spaces. There is the Pop Suite, the Modernism Suite, the Contemporary Suite, and the Surrealism Suite, which are all modeled after an art movement in history. We stayed in the Pop Suite and I really loved that idea. Everything from the art on the walls to the books on the shelves was inspired by Pop art, which made the decorations super unique and stylish. Hubby is even looking for the velvet couch that was in the room! He says we have to have a velvet couch in our living room now too lol and I still can’t believe that. We also appreciated the special welcome spread the Conrad prepared for us at the table. Hubby and I snacked on the fruit, cheese, and juice on the table all day.


Hubby was supposed to work on Saturday, but let me tell you. He woke up raving that the mattress gave him the best sleep he had in years. He really did look well-rested. I also think he was just happy to get a full night’s sleep in a bed without Diari jumping, kicking, and waking us up lol!

Breakfast impressed us both too. We could order all our food from a tablet (which is 24-hours, by the way) so we got crazy and ordered a whole spread! Usually, I would be prepping that whole breakfast myself and these days that’s not always easy. So I love that “in the tap of the tablet,” Hubby and I had a continental breakfast with fruit and fresh juice, chicken and waffles, and duck confit hash right at our door. Hubby had never had duck before and I think it really changed his life. He would not stop talking about it! That was my favorite part of this babymoon. I love that the Conrad got Hubby out of his comfort zone and got him to love things he doesn’t usually allow himself to enjoy.


Relaxing a La Conrad

Spa time was one of my favorite times at the hotel too. I just went for my prenatal massage, but the Evan Todd Spa and Salon was a one-stop shop for everything. You could get our hair done, a mani-pedi, massages, and so much more all with AVEDA products and techniques. I loved the fact that I never had to leave the hotel to do anything. The indoor pool, the sauna, and the fitness center were on the same floor, which I thought was cool because it was like the 6th floor was like this whole mind and body wellness area.

Even food is right under one roof because you can access the “Tastings Wine Bar and Bistro,” and “The Capital Grille” right from the lobby. Both restaurants are a big deal in Indy so Hubby and I had visited both before, but it was such a cool experience to access them right from our hotel this time. I really felt like I was on a babymoon at the Conrad because I never had to leave the hotel once during the whole weekend.


Welcoming Baby Two

I know babymoons are usually about us moms, but I could tell that Hubby definitely enjoyed his experience at the Conrad too. He couldn’t stop talking about the little details like the luxury Bulgari soap in the bathroom that he said made his skin feel as smooth as Diari’s. He literally called the front desk four times to get more of that soap over the weekend and he made me find it for him on Sephora lol! That made me really happy because Hubby doesn’t usually get excited about stuff. I’m always the one that tries to explore new things and live in the moment, so I have to drag him along for the ride.

This time, even Hubby was happy he came along because our stay at the Conrad was everything from convenient (with everything from amazing food options to spa and salon services in one building), to comfortable (with the stylish room and awesome views), to relaxing (with the incredible 24-hour in-room dining experience to the little things like the Bulgari soap and the concierge service that catered to us the whole weekend). We honestly loved it and will definitely be booking for Babymoon three…if the first two don’t drive us crazy, that is!


Whether you’re visiting Indy for the first time or you’re like us and you’re vacationing in your own city, I highly recommend a stay at the Conrad Indy. Plus, when you book, I have some perks to make your stay a little sweeter. You know I love sharing a good deal!

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How do you and your partner keep up with the changes in your relationship? Have you ever considered taking a babymoon? When are you booking your stay at the Conrad?