Aicha’s Eid Outfit Inspo: Looks For You and Your Little One


Eid Muslim Holiday

As Muslims, we don’t have that many official holidays to celebrate, so Eid is a huge deal! More importantly, Eid is actually a celebration of accomplishments and the blessings we have to be thankful for. It’s kind of like Ramadan is school, which prepares you for the world, and Eid is a graduation to say yay, we did it! With that being said, it is a time to look and feel our best. I am going to be looking back on this past year for inspiration on how to fashion my Eid outfit.

With Ramadan keeping us busy, many of us have not yet decided on our looks for the celebration. It can be hard to find something that looks good, makes us feel good, and can last for a whole day of prayers and festivities. Take a look at some of the outfits below for inspiration and tips on how you can get Eid ready!

Eid Lookbook

Dresses and Abayas 

Modest Dresses

One-piece free-flowing dresses paired with a beautiful light hijab or turban can be the easiest outfit to put together. I love one-piece looks because they give us the chance to get fun with accessories. Finding the perfect earrings, shoes, and makeup look can be the best part of an elegant dress.

Pros: One and done!

Cons: Choosing all your accessories can be a hassle at the last minute.

Traditional Attire

Traditional attire is so much fun for Eid! I love representing my country and seeing my family dressed up in our clothes. Y’all know me; I’m a proud African! I also love traditional attire because of the range of colors, patterns, and designs. You can even customize your look so you’ll never see someone in the same outfit as you!

Pros: Doing it for the culture!

Cons: Traditional attire can be heavy, expensive, and sometimes noisy.

Casual Outfits

The casual look, which can be anything from a simple dress to a pair of loose fit pants and a kimono, are super cute! You can easily shop for these looks at regular department stores and mix and match styles. One year, I wore a beautiful flowy skirt with a loose shirt and a hijab. This look allowed me to pray and play all day!

Pros: You can go out and about after the masjid festivities!

Cons: Pants, jumpsuits, and short sleeve dresses can make it difficult to pray.

Eid Lookbook

Dressing Diari & Friends

Styling our little mamacitas can be the best part of Eid. There are so many cute choices, which means there is a lot to consider. When dressing Diari for long days like Eid, I like to get fun and light dresses paired with comfy shoes and a simple hairdo. I haven’t decided whether or not she’ll rock her fro or a nice set of braids yet, but stay tuned to find out!

Eid Mubarak!

Whatever your Eid look, you should feel comfy, happy, and proud! Eid is a beautiful celebration of all the blessings we have to be grateful for. Tales and Turbans wishes you and your families a wonderful Eid. Good luck with these last ten days of Ramadan – may we make the most of them. Eid Mubarak! 🙂