Milwaukee travel with kids

A Bugaboo Love Story: The Stroller Made for Motherhood


Milwaukee travel with kids

Have You Heard of Bugaboo?

Whether you saw my posts or not, you’ve probably heard of or seen the Bugaboo strollers by now. They’re known for their stylish, sleek designs and functionality. I got my first Bugaboo right after Fatima was born and it’s been my go-to for her. My favorite things about the Bugaboos are: 1. The Style, 2. The Comfort, and 3. The Accessories. We started out with the Bugaboo Fox, which is a super comfortable, lightweight, full-size stroller, and now we have added the Bugaboo Ant to our collection, which is the compact and convenient travel stroller you always knew you needed but probably didn’t know existed. Both strollers make it easier to get around with a baby, especially when you add a toddler to the mix. Our Bugaboo strollers have been everywhere with us!

For Every Mom, At Every Stage

There’s a stroller for every mom and every stage of baby’s growth. Bugaboo has a four-question test to help you figure out which stroller is best for you depending on how many kids you have, where you live, how you plan to use your stroller, and your usual mode of transportation. There are eight different styles that you can choose from, and even more designs, including the special editions. The two strollers that best fit our life were the Bugaboo Fox and the Bugaboo Ant.

Style and Ease

When I first got the Bugaboo Fox, I was mostly excited by the fact that it’s a showstopper! To this day, wherever we go, people are always stopping us to ask where I got my stroller. But the Fox is so much more than its style. The best part about it is that it has so many different positions and it grows with your child from baby to toddler. When Fatima was an infant, I would adjust it into a flat position, which allowed her to sleep. This was so helpful because I didn’t feel like I was disturbing her to go out. As she gets older, I’ve started using the seat position more often because she’s so curious now!

The swivel wheels on Bugaboo strollers also make it super easy to drive; I can push it with one hand! I can’t believe how smooth it is. Plus, it comes apart into two separate pieces that fold perfectly to fit into your car trunk. The Ant is amazing because it folds so easily and fits in airplane overhead bins. We took our Ant on our family vacation and it was a lifesaver. We had a three-hour layover and the Ant helped us navigate the airport without having to carry Fatima. If you’ve ever traveled with a child, let alone two, you know how it feels to question why you ever thought you could take a family vacation in the first place!

Customize and Accessorize

With Bugaboo, the options are endless. You can customize your strollers based on your needs and favorite colors. Choose your own fabric and base design and select a canopy from ten different colors. We went with the bright yellow canopy, which makes me feel like the sun’s always shining even when it’s ugly outside! You can also go on the site and explore all of the different accessories, including raincovers, cupholders, sun canopies, mosquito nets, organizers, umbrellas, and so much more! Each accessory is designed to make moms’ lives easier and babies more comfortable.

Get You a Bugaboo!

With everything you could want in a stroller and more, Bugaboo strollers solve a lot of the problems we face when going out with the kids. One thing about Bugaboos though is that they can take some time to figure out. I would definitely suggest watching the step-by-step tutorial videos to learn how to fold and unfold the strollers. But once you get it, you will be glad you got it! Bugaboo strollers really are revolutionary for mom and baby. Take the stress out of leaving the house; let’s put the fun back in travel and getting out with the family!